so if anyone has been wondering who the mod owner is read this for allera mega mod

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ok so the mods owners name is on xfire and it is jack2066 he and his group made the mod im the righful owner of all the updates thou and i will continue making updates untill RAW is releaesed because it is far more better then this mod so i hope every one has read this and here is some more spam for you spam enjoyers 3 2 1 SPAM!!!! VGHGUDUDFD NN HGG H FD MDGGFGF GF GV FNFDSBNVF VF NNN NNNMN GH H G GFB GB BGFC GGF BCBFBGFC CGVNXFNMB XG TDFV MDFMNGJKDF CVN MJKNMF NVK BFDNGFNNB V BVNHJNVHVCBHJ

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