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tl;dr I'm reopening this mod for a complete overhaul.

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I'm actually coming back to this project, and i'm planning on remaking everything in the mod. Since now I have a greater understanding of the game's balance. Along with some experience I picked up from C&C Modding, I feel like I have a more sane head on my neck.

First things first, I am going to be taking Tleno's suggestions regarding Enforcers, and making them actually named "Enforcers".

I will be designing this faction similarly to a C&C faction but at the pace and whim of StarCraft's factions, which shouldn't be too hard honestly.

Expect to see Excavators returning to the field as one of the first units to reappear on the battlefield.

I'm also changing the scope of the mod to really only involve the Warstarians, since 9 new factions is just a madman's task.

This mod is also being renamed to become "Warstarian Intervention".


Welcome back! Don't forget to check on SC2mapster for new unit and building assets, there's a load of cool stuff there. Also SC2mapster Discord is a pretty awesome place to receive feedback or suggestions.

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