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After 1 hole month in making this, hopefully it would have been worth the wait. Be sure to give it a try, hope you all enjoy :)

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It has been at least 1 month or even more after i released the demo for the mod, and now it is finally available for everyone to play and enjoy. The mod features plenty of things, the most important being that the map is always at night time to give the player a more creepy feeling while exploring the insides and outsides of the neighbor's house.

There are also new models and textures for plenty of things that fit perfectly on the game's art style, some of them where extracted from the full game and put into the mod kit, an example for these are a few of the wallpapers and meshes. Other things like the new nightstands, beds, etc where made by the team of Athena's Home, full credits to those fellas.

The mod features 3 parts, the first one being the small house with also small puzzles that dont take too long to beat. The second part is the largest in my opinion, this is the really big house with the windmill and the railroad, it has some reused puzzles from the full game and some improved ones made by me. Some parts require the player to do box stacks to get to a specific spot on the house, so try to not ghost so much ( I tested the map so much and i can asure you, there is no need to ghost at all, only if you get stuck between an object or if you somehow fall under the map, witch is almost imposible). Finally, there is the third part witch revolves on the basement, a really dark one witch also has some tricky puzzles. Since it is really dark i put a flashlight to "light your day" (im not sorry for that pun), but you have to find it first, so try to not get lost on the way.

There is also a new youtuber easter egg that i made, so see if you can find it! (it is not a requirement to do so, so dont get stressed if you can't find it)

I had a lot of fun making this mod, and i hope you have fun playing it and trying to find out the neighbor's secret in his basement ;)

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