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This time we are talking about us and hopefully answering some basic questions.

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How did it all start?

The group behind this project got together through a program that is being run in a few universities around Finland, called Pelipaja or Game Lab. The whole idea of the program is to give people a chance to develop their own game in a professional environment, something that isn't possible for many who have the skills and knowledge for making games.

The program has been running for a couple of months now, and our team has been building up during those months from complete strangers who share love for games and gaming. As we are now, we have two 3D artists, two coders and one designer, we are all learning while making and having a blast doing this. Friendships are forming and what seemed like a silly idea a few months back is shaping up more and more everyday.

Who are we?


  • IT-Engineer and our main coder.
  • Been coding game related stuff with unity for about 3 years.
  • Enjoys Co-Op, Action, Stealth and horror games.
  • Decided to join the Game Lab to learn more about working with a development team and coding in a more professional environment.


  • Industrial Engineer in making, 1 year to go. Also our secondary coder.
  • Been coding as a hobby for 2 years. Has knowledge of C, C++ and D.
  • Prefers strategy games but likes any good game out there.
  • Knows his way around mathematical equations.


  • Has finished Vocational Qualification in Business Information Technology and is one of our 3D modelers.
  • Has been modeling for about 3 years. Uses 3ds Max
  • Likes relaxing story driven games like the Telltale series, also into really punishing games where one wrong move can ruin it all.
  • Bit of a perfectionist, but in a good way. "When you do something, do it well!"


  • Engineer of Media Technology and our other 3D modeler.
  • Been modeling for 2 to 3 years and is a devout follower of Maya.
  • Finds joy in strategy games and games that actually make you think. But deep down the genre doesn't matter if the game is good and the mood is right.
  • Hopes to revolutionize games and visual media as teaching tools in Finland, and the best way to start is to work with games.


  • Studied IT-Engineering for two years and is our designer/writer.
  • Has been gaming for about 25 years, be it videogames, ccg, boardgames or tabletop RPG.
  • Has a soft spot for well written RPGs but in general enjoys all genres.
  • Was thrown under the bus and named the team leader by the rest of the team.
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