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Since we've gone into closed alpha, I've made some major updates. The whole UI has been reworked, and many new engine-level things have been added, along with a bunch of new items and objects.

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Ok, I haven't made an update in a while, so here it goes! I'll list all of the changes we've been working on and the ones we're working on. A lot of the graphics are placeholders, so keep that in mind.

Dark Hedges* and Waterways - Swamps
[Image: 9f9ee7f547a940e77b6bf8c6c5db7456.png]

Light Hedges* - Fertilelands & Forests
[Image: zQou1hJ.png]

3 New Mushrooms - Swamps, Forests, Caves
[Image: tumblr_mp6z5iwPqA1qmy0coo1_1280.png]

Island-Based World Generation
[Image: tumblr_mpdxboSVls1qmy0coo1_1280.png]

Ponds & Lakes
[Image: tumblr_mpe1kitw1E1qmy0coo1_1280.png]

Cauldrons, Drying Racks* & Smoke
[Image: updates.gif]

New UI Layout* w/ Item Descriptions & Hotbar
[Image: tumblr_mpwtjfdF7Z1qmy0coo1_1280.png]

Other Stuff
- Laggy movement fixed
- Animals and dropped items spawn once every 12 hours (explore!)
- Bunnies and chickens less rare (see above)
- All graphics are now stretched in the client
- Reduced RAM usage
- 3 types of flowers
- 15 new tile transitions
- Ferns
- 1 new walking speed
- Walking slightly faster in forests
- Attacking while in boats
- Punching without weapons
- Hiding UI with f1
- Personal claims

Stuff We're Working On
- Chasms
- Finite rocks (use quarries)
- The GUI & the new chat
- Animal AI
- New crafting

*graphics are placeholders

We would honestly have 200+ new items and objects right now, but we're working on the UI (which takes a LONG time to do). After we're finally finished making it look better (we need to redo a lot of the item graphics and the whole crafting system), we'll be dropping features like there's no tomorrow.

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keep up the work!!! :D

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johnlier - - 46 comments

Nice update. I think the cauldron should have an input for sticks/coal or some source of fuel.

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BradyInstead Author
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Slooowpoke - - 31 comments

"- 15 new tile transitions" ?

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BradyInstead Author
BradyInstead - - 122 comments

Makes transitions look smoother in corners

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