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Meet our personal ZBrush wizard in the final part of our 3D design series.

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Before we finish the 3D design series, I feel like there is something that has to be done: It’s introducing you to the guy that’s creating all this stuff. Get ready to meet the most dudesome guy in the team.

What is your name?

My name is Moritz Eichinger, but most people simply call me “Moe”.

What is your job on Submerge?

I am responsible for all kinds of visual content. This includes everything from 2D illustration to concept artwork and 3D modelling. It always depends on what is needed the most during the development process.

What is great about your job?

Well, I mean, what could one not like about getting paid for creating characters, creatures, spaceships or in this case, futuristic underwater vehicles? It’s just what I always wanted to do and I can’t imagine doing anything else.
It’s a pleasure to be a part of this project and this team. The people are great, and working in the art department is a lot of fun. Having frequent art related discussions with my mate Alex, who is responsible for most of the concept art stuff that’s going on, is really inspiring and helps both of us to get better at what we are doing in many ways.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Well the biggest inspiration and also the best place to learn is nature. Just looking at the world and the things around me and trying to capture its beauty the best I can, helps in so many ways. When you are able to represent the real world in your art, you can easily add fantasy and scifi elements to it and it will feel right.
Also I get inspiration from looking at artworks of other artists. Facebook has become a huge network for all the artists that work in the entertainment industry. All the great people are there, sharing not only their work but also their process almost every day. Also, there are a lot of facebook groups, for example Level Up!, where professionals as well as aspiring artists post their artworks and give feedback on others.
I am always interested in the biography of an artist. Knowing where he comes from, and what his art journey was like is very inspiring for me. If you want to become a good artist you have to work hard for it and it takes time and devotion. The journey is the reward and if you love what you are doing you will get there, no matter what.

What is your most challenging work on Submerge?

Probably getting the underwater mood right and making the designs and models look good and readable in the RTS Perspective. It’s hard to design the features and proportions of the units so that they look good at a small size. We have a lot of iterations going on all the time and I am always learning more about how to get things right for these special requirements.

Any hobbies you might share with us?

Sure. I’ve been going through a lot of different phases with different interests in my life, like making music, skateboarding and snowboarding. I still have my boards at home and ride them every now and then (It’s been a while, now that I think about it). Apart from painting (what I do the most in my spare time), I like to play the guitar and my cajon, whenever I find the time for it. But nothing beats hanging out with my girlfriend and our two little ferrets, Tya and Luna.

Favorite game?

Actually I don’t have any alltime favourite game. There are just too many great games to decide which one is the best. But to name a few, I would say Final Fantasy 7, Max Payne, Halo and The Last of Us are all super amazing games that really inspired me. But as I said these are just a few. Since I don’t find the time to play games very often, I prefer quick and easy to join Games like Dota2 and Starcraft2 most of the time. Also I got my hands on Bloodborne recently and, holy cow, this game is just fricking awesome.

Which feature are you most looking forward to in Submerge? / … are you most excited about… / what do you like best in Submerge?

I think that this whole underwater setting is just really exciting. It isn’t seen often in games and therefore, there are a lot of things we can and have to experiment with. I am super curious how all the cool features will turn out at the end. Browsing through your armada of submarines in the ark and choosing the right army for your next match sounds like a lot of fun to me.

So guys, enjoy the final 3D modeling video. This time it's about painting the asset.

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