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There has never been a steady flow of news about the mod, here is another fit and start to let you all in on a tiny fraction of what we're up to...

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G'day all and sundry! This news post is to show you all a little of what we've been up to recently!

Alpha (and Proxima!) Centauri:
The marvels of mapping

Andoria orbiting Andor:
The marvels of mapping

Deep dark space (literally, THE middle of nowhere):The marvels of mapping

Jupiter the jovian giant (and Jupiter Station!):The marvels of mapping

Our very own Earth:
The marvels of mapping

I know it's not traditional to have the Eastern Hemisphere of the planet displayed, but I thought "what the hey!" and did it anyway ;-).

Keep in mind that all you see here is of course subject to change (read "further development") but we seem to be moving along at an appreciable clip at the moment!

The absolutly wonderfully fabulous starry backgrounds are from the OpenCore platform, kindly donated to the community for use (not abuse!) by the talented Xi industries (also the authors of Slipstream: The Price of Freedom).

Watch this space, we are going to make more of an effort to spill media out to the community every now and again!

RagnarokX - - 104 comments

Looks great, especially the fact that the statione even has a proper icon in the UI.

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Stargazer42 - - 176 comments

In fact we are working on icons for every ship and station.
May I upload some preview images someday?

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GunShip05 - - 321 comments

WoW that looks sweet!

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SpaceCowboy730 - - 568 comments

I like! very good use of my backgrounds and stars!!

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