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The mac, and this alpha. The mac is Coming! Read the Content, and you get information to how and why.

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Hello! The game alpha is released to Windows.
Hmm... Alpha 6 is release toooo MAC!!

Why Release the in to Mac? Many man is got MAC!!
Why not release the game in to Mac? Anyone is have a problem with
the game release to Mac? Write the comment, and talk about...
And... The beta is ~1 week is release...
The beta is not free..., but may to Beta 1.0 or Beta 2.0 version is free...
Beta 1.0 and Beta 2.0 are some bug is have...
And the Beta 5.0 and Beta 6.0, i thing that not have a bug..

The Alpha 6 is ~2 day to release... (MAC!!)
Wait or help the develop with: Pledge.
Not must, if you don't want.
PayPal pledge:
If the goal: 2000$ is Reached. The game is released too shortly!!!
If anyone is want to pledge...
Alpha 6 = Mac, Windows.

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