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A currently inactive ModDB user, AustriaHungary has claimed to have found the mysteriously lost file for the apparent Victoria 2 v3.05 update. Was Victoria 2 v3.04 not enough?

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At the beginning of this year (2022), when AustriaHungary briefly returned to the community and quickly fixed the Pre-Alpha of the Modern Age Mod 2.2 for Victoria 2 game, he has also made an apparent discovery of the lost Victoria 2 update. Here is the description from the file:

Around 2017, devs were planning to overhaul the game for the last time (something I have discovered in the game's files). The v3.05 version which was going to be the actual last version began development in May 2017 (the files date back to May 2017) but went cutoff in June 2017 as Paradox Developers (most likely) moved to focus more on Europa Universalis IV and Hearts of Iron IV while also planning on Imperator: Rome (2019) and Crusader Kings III (2020).

Today, I have found this unfortunate file on a website called and have downloaded it. It turned out to be pretty much unfinished with the READ ME.txt file even saying so. I don't know who got that file or where did it come from.

The official last version of Victoria 2 is v3.04 which was released on December 26th, 2016 but looking at the files and what the messages from the devs were saying, It is truly surprising that a lost version of the file that nobody knew of was found on the Internet after 5 years. As of the time of posting the article, 17 people have downloaded the file.

The file can be downloaded from this link:

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why are you larping as a journalist and reporting on your own actions, austriahungary?

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