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The back story of how you got trapped in The Lost Office...

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As you walk in to International-Global Dynamics Incorporated, you are filled with hope that this is finally the dream job you've been searching for. Finally, after all those years in school preparing, you are about to work in one of the top scientific labs in the world.

As the attendant greets you in the sunny, white-washed interior of the main entarance, you tell her why you are here, and she directs you to the elevator to the left. "Third floor," she says and sends you on your way.

As you approach the elevator, you find that it is currently non-funcational, and look for the stairwell. "Oh well," you think to yourself as you start the climb toward a career in Science!

As you round the third flight of stairs and open the door, you find yourself in a well lit, design-neutral hallway, lined with office doors with no numbers. As you step into the hallway, the stairwell door closes behind you. You reach back to check it, but it is locked from this side. "Perhaps the door on the other end of the hallway is open," you think to yourself and start down that way.

You notice that the doors have indicators above them, and while most are green, a few are red. As you pass by these red lighted doors, you hear the sounds of a beeper, and someone moving around inside. You make it to the other end of the hall, but find that door to be locked as well. There are no intercoms to use, and both doors appear to be locked.

As you pace up and down the hall, you notice some of the indicators above the doors change from red to green as some weird buzz fills the hallway. However, one of the indicators is neither red nor green. You walk toward the door, and as you reach for the handle it begins to open away from your hand.

As you look inside the well lit office, you hear a voice call to you, "Please, candidate, come in. We're excited to see you!."

Tepidly, you take a step into the room, and as you do, the door closes behind you, and the indicator above turns to red.

The mysterious voice rings out, "Excellent, let's get started! You have 60 seconds to decipher the clues in this room and move on to the next stage of the candidacy. We've heard great things about you, and hope you're going to do well." The voice appears to be coming from the TV monitor hung on the wall.

You look about as a clock on the wall begins counting down, beeping with every second that passes. You now know what that beeping was as you walked down the hallway. Others are also vying for this position, so you had better get to work right away.

But, what is the countdown for? What are you supposed to do? You look about the room, trying to find a clue. There's a whiteboard on which someone has written "Boob tube, you boob!." You don't understand... the counter is nearing zero. This can't be, you were so close to finally joining the greatest scientific minds of your time! The clock hits zero, a green lazer starts to sweep through the room and as it sweeps toward you, your vision turns to a wash of green light...

You wake up.

The last thing you remember is that were you in an office. It looks strangely familiar. You remember, you were being tested at IGD. A disembodied voice rings out from behind the monitor on the wall. "Wake up, candidate. You'll do better this time, I know it." The clock begins to countdown, you know what you have to do.

"Did you know that certain species can pass memories genetically by fusing the DNA of another of it's species with its own?" asks the voice while you search frantically about the office. "It seems that some learned traits can be passed by infsing the DNA of another who has already had the experience into a new host. Preferrably one with nearly identical DNA, like twins, or even clones..."

You see the whiteboard. You understand now. Turn on the TV monitor, the wall timer ceases it's incessant beeping and comes to a halt. A video begins to play welcoming you to the IGD candidacy program.

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