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Information regarding the release of The Lost Episodes port for Doom 32x.

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Hello everyone !

I would like to present you this project I have been working recently on.

This is a port of the first two episodes from The Lost Episodes for Doom (Massacre on Callisto and The Killing Fields of Io) for Doom 32x.

Some levels are a bit simplified in order to keep the framerate stable, but I also added a few addidional details. For example MAP08 (remember that pointless empty room with pentagram ?) now has a new start and a few barons of hell added as the final bosses.

I also removed some mapping errors and homs and fixed the infamous Doom 32x rocket sprite error.

The file is an IPS patch, which can be applied to the JU ROM via Lunar IPS patcher.

Special thanks to Saxman for his WAD32X converter.

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