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Welcome to the May update! We have lots of new things to share with you this month. Ari's first ever Dev Diary! He talks about the interaction system. With your help and feedback, we believe the game plays better than ever!

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Welcome to the May update! We have lots of new things to share with you this month.

New Dev Diary

Ari's first ever Dev Diary! He talks about the interaction system. With your help and feedback, we believe the game plays better than ever! Note: Ari looks like he's eating an invisible sandwich =P. Next Dev Diary from Ari will be about the Inventory/Crafting System.

The Lighthouse is Feature Complete!!

Yay! We are feature complete on The Lighthouse! What does this mean? This means that all of the "Must Have" features and components of the game (Audio Managers, Inventory Systems, Interactions, Movement, etc..) are all complete. We hope to be in Beta* in two months and are working hard to check off all of our "Want to Haves" from our Backlog! (*This Meaning the game is playable from start to finish with placeholder art used liberally)

Demo v.1.3.0

Our new demo is almost complete and we can't wait to share it with all of you. This version of demo v.1.3.0 more accurately represents how the game will look and play. There's still a lot of polish left so things will only look better from here. We plan on releasing demo v.1.3.0 on Steam and also again on our website.

Whats new in Demo v.1.3.0?

The demo has been updated with all of our newest gameplay features like inventory system, interaction system, crouch, ambient audio system, door system, crafting system, etc. We also hid an easter egg in the demo and cant wait to see who will find it first. ;)

When will it be available?

We plan on releasing demo v.1.3.0 at the same time that we re-launch our new Kickstarter campaign, though we will release it to our original backers much sooner so you can be the first to enjoy it and give feedback.

Coming back to Kickstarter!

We plan on coming back to Kickstarter end of June or sometime in July. As soon as we have a solid date we will let everyone know. We won't stop building this game, so it's our job now to make it the best it can be with the resources we have. Crowdfunding the The Lighthouse will allow us to make our original vision come to life. Trust us, we have a grand vision and we would love nothing more than to see it come alive!

New SKS Logo Splash Screen

It's funny and sad, but we had an amazing artist [Benedick Bana] custom draw each Shadow Knight for our company and we dropped the ball by making the ugliest Splash Screen in the history of video games. =P Sorry Benedick... So, If you can't tell, we hated our old Splash Screen and we took some time to update it. Let us know what you think? It's still a work in progress but on boot up, you'll randomly see 1 of the possible 3 different Knights from our Studio. (It's random and represents each person who is working on The Lighthouse, so it'll be different on each boot up). Yes, we know we have more important things to work on, but we're happy with the much needed change.

Game Progress

Development is going smoothly and we are living and breathing this game. We are at that point now where our sprints are getting loaded with way more work than we would be able to complete this time last year- which is good news because we're becoming masters at UE4. We're all working night and day to make this an amazing thriller, we even scare ourselves sometimes.

What are we currently working on?

  • Optimizing the game so we have the best graphic quality and performance [we're aiming for a 970gtx to get at least 60 fps while in 2k on EPIC settings.
  • More custom assets for the final game. We have a unique 3d modeler in mind that we want to contract that we are trying to pull together funds for.
  • Finishing Designing and play testing each unique puzzle.
  • Building the next levels [ it's not all in a house after-all ]

Upcoming Events

The Shadow Knights Team will be attending E3 this year to mingle and enjoy the festivities. If any of you will be going, we would love to meet up with you. Just let us know!

Regal Con June 24th & June 25th

We will have a booth at Regal Con and will be showing off a VR version of The Lighthouse. If you're in the area, be sure and stop by to see us.


Last week we posted a comment with some questions that we needed feedback on, and Laracroft had a great suggestion of creating a survey. So here it is. :)

Thank you all again for your support,

Laylee, Daniah and Ari

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