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second History Diary: 02 Lusitano Empire I'll do the summary.

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The Last Empire

History Diary: 02 Lusitanian Empire

In short:

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In 1156 the Kingdom of Galicia was united to the Kingdom of Portugal, forming the Lusitanian Kingdom. In 
1198, taking advantage of the weakened Kingdom of León, the Lusitanian kingdom attacked the Kingdom of
León with all its forces, in 1207 the Kingdom of León was again destroyed.In 1209 the kingdom of leo was 
annexed by the Lusitanians over the scariest war in the Iberian Peninsula.
In 1248, the Lusitanian kingdom was attacked by the Kingdom of Castile, generating the Great Iberian War 
that generated many casualties on both sides. To make matters worse, the Muslims attacked both kingdoms,
the Lusitanians and the Catelians had to call a truce.With both kingdoms being attacked by Muslims, they 
had to use all their strength and luckily managed to destroy all Muslim armies.
this war became known as the unexpected reconquest, after this war castile and lusitania voted their wars 
but the kingdom of castile was weakened in two of several battles, in 1287 the surrender of castile and 
annexed by lusitania creating the greatest superpower in europe.
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between 1290 and 1398 the Portuguese kingdom was involved in several wars such as the 3rd Crusade, the 
20 years war between France and Ingraterra and the war of the 1412 the Lusitanians 
reconquered the last territory of the Iberian Peninsula, the Lusitanians invaded the Moors and the vassals. 
in 1427 to 1463 the lusitans invested heavily in maritime exploration, or to the point of having the largest 
navy in europe.Between 1467 and 1498, lusitania entered the age of discoveries, because in 1477 lusitania 
discovered Brazil, in 1483 Grenada, in 1490 in the Platina, colonization went from Africa to Amica and Asia.
In 1509, Lusitania becomes the first global empire in history. in 1512, brazil becomes a colony of settlement,
in addition, lusitania became the richest empire in the world because of technology and one of the most 
valuable resources, in 1526, lusitania dominates southern India, in 1539 the Lusitanians had several ports 
from Africa to Asia.
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Between 1560 and 1676 the Lusitanians were at war with their Muslim and European rivals such as the 
English, French and Dutch, mainly the Dutch as the main rival of the Lusitanians. In 1681, the Lusitanians 
bought the Japanese island of Kyushu.From 1690 to 1735, Lusitania heavily colonized Asia, expanding much
further into Indonesia, India, and the Philippines. in 1764 lusitania revolutionized the arts and music, 
becoming the nation with the strongest culture in europe.
1 AD
In 1778 Granada declares its independence from Lusitania, in 1787 Brazil and Platina declares its independence.
the loss of Grenada and Brazil dealt a giant blow to the Lusitanian empire.
With the loss of the main colonies in America, the Lusitanians were concentrated in Africa and Asia, in 1790 
a war between Lusitanians and Dutch by the South Africans who belonged to Holland, the Lusitanians took 
over the Dutch colonies.
In 1821 the Lusitanians began to industrialize the economy growing, it is with the Portuguese language 
being respected by the world, and finally we reached 1836.

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