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First History Diary: History 01 Byzantine Empire.

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The Last Empire

 History Diary 01 Byzantine Empire
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in the universe of TLE, the Byzantines were not defeated in 1453.

In short:
In 1204 the 4th Crusade against the Byzantines began, but what the Crusaders did not expect is for the
Byzantines to rapidly increase their army and when the siege of the city of Constantinople took place, the
Crusaders realized that it was too late.The Crusaders lost their entire army at the Battle of Constantinople, 
and the 4th Crusade was a failure for the Papal State.
In 1218 to 1389 the Byzantines were attacked many times by the Muslims, but in 1396 the first attack by the 
Byzantines caused a war known as the 100 Years' War, the war between the Byzantines against the Mamluks, 
Rum, Saldite, Iraqi, Persian sultanates. , after the war both sides were destroyed, but the Byzantines
conquered some regions of Anatolia.
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Between 1498 and 1579, the Byzantines spent almost 100 years rebuilding themselves after the Last War, in 
this period it became known as the Pax Romana of the East. But that didn't stop the opportunists who began
to revolt against King Lucius IV, the king known for never leaving his castle.In 1580 a great revolt began to 
dethrone the king to replace him with a knight who believed that the king did nothing for the Empire, in fact,
in the same year the Byzantines were defeated by a war against the Hungarian Empire and Poland-Lithuania,
France.After all this, the revolt continued until 1590, when King Lucius IV was deposed and replaced by a
knight of great popularity among the population, whose name is Olympio.

In 1602 to 1724 the Byzantine Empire went through great wars like the War of Reconquest against the Mamluk
Empire, The Iraq War, The War of the Sultans When the Sultanate Empires attacked, The War against Hungary,
The Balkan War is the War against the most , the Byzantines It was almost destroyed until in 1760, after 
several wars,the Byzantines finally had peace.

In 1760 everything changed for the Byzantines, their economy started to grow after 250 years of fragile 
economy, they started to rebuild the walls and cities, the arts and literature became the best in Europe, in 
1823 the Hagia Sophia became a of the greatest wonders of the world, so we arrived in 1836.
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