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The Kirken Empire's Starships. Along with changed names for weapons and a few new ones.

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This is currently the unit list for the Kirken's starships. Some names were chozoin :p by me, but most of the ships and ideas came from 1upD.

Kirken Space Units

Dominance-class Destroyer

Replaces Star Destroyer and uses Home One as model and will be reskined red.

Stalker-class Stealth Cruiser

Replaces Acclamator, uses the Republic Stealth Ship as model. Has a Kirken/insect like look to it.

Kirken War Hive

Replaces Victory, uses the MC30 for the model.

Assasin-class cruiser

Replaces Broadside, well not exactly replaces because it uses the Broadside model.

1upD made a suggestion to replace the missiles with a space version of the Imperialist.

Kriken Explorer

Replaces Tartan and use the Marauder as the model.

Talon-class Frigate

Replaces Interdictor, uses Mc40 as model.

Claw Starfighter

Uses the Red Tie Interceptor model.

Blade Starfighter

Uses the Black Sun Fighter as model.

Drone Fighter

Uses the A-wing as model.

Drone Bomber

Uses TIE Bomber.

Still working on the Land units, but I do have the Heroes with some Fanon ones and some familiar Hunters.

Queen Nara Sumas
General Ganon
General Oynx
Admiral Siren
Admiral Zant


All the Starship weapons have had some changes made.

I decided to change the names of the turbolasers and ion cannons since to me they sound unique to Star Wars.

Turbolasers are now called Power Beam Cannons, Ion Cannons are now Wave Beam Cannons, Mass Drivers are Rail Guns, and Concussion Missiles are Super Missiles.

I've also added some new weapons.

Galavanic Accelerator Cannons, Quatum Assault Cannons, and Phazon Cannons. All the of these are limited to the Space Pirates.

While the Super Missiles, Power and Wave Cannons are limited to the Federation.

For the Kirken, they have Plasma Cannons as there unique weapons.

Only the Torpedoes and Laser Cannons are used by all factions.

Two more things.
Nara Sumas is Samus Aran spelled backwards and Ganon, Zant and Onyx are names I borrowed from the Legend of Zelda games

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