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BountyHead's Weekly Update: Sunday, 6th November 2011: How to win! A simple guide on some of the ways to get ahead in the Kashyyyk Campaign map pack! Comment and brainstorm on further map packs for future releases!!!

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BountyHead's Weekly Update: Sunday, 6th November 2012

Hi guys, if you have tried the map pack released for SWFOC and cannot seem to win the game on Hard in skirmish, I shall give you a few tips to get going.

1. Play Agressive!!!:
Do not be spending too much time developing you resources/armies. You have the build pads and it takes no less than 60 seconds to get a unit there and set up mines which will supply you with more than enough credits for the rest of the match.

2. Do not allow the enemy to get close with artillery!: What I have noticed while playing the mod is that the enemy begins to spam you with artillery and heavy tanks no matter what mod you are playing it with (especially RaW)! Use air units supported by heavy tanks to take out the artillery, and push them from your regions!

3. If playing a 2v2, use your AI allies wisely, they help alot and you should try and aid them it what they do because you might be surprised at how it gets ahead in-game

4. The Beachhead assault map (The one where team 1 starts in the sea) has a guarantee victory strategy that you can follow. Distract the AI by trying to attack them head on at the beach head, (watch out for the turbolaser defenses along the beach), then while they are occupied, sneak an advanced force in a juggernaught and go to the far west beachead command post. Capture that command past and deploy some fast tanks and infantry, hold your ground there while you send a fast stealthy unit behind enemy lines so that you can reveal the defensive turbolaser towers at team 2's base and perform a bombardment on it to destroy it, then launch a full scale attack on the base and BAM!!! victory :D

I hope it helps, more tips coming soon!
Look out for more map packs and patches of the Kashyyyk Campaign :)

Kashyyyk Campaign patch coming soon 2012
Landing at Point Rain Map Pack also coming soon 2012

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i love the maps look forward to more

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Awesomium - - 594 comments

6th November 2012???

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Thunderblue6 - - 20 comments

lol I was like wwwaaaa omg this is FROM THE FUTURE oooooooo aaaaaahhhh

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