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"the noble order of the istari where chosen by the valar to aid the free peoples of middle earth to deafeat sauron"

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In this update I will tell you what roles the istari will have in the mod


gandalf will be in 2 fractions durins folk and The men of Arda

Here is his gandalf the grey powers in The men of Arda fraction.
Level 1=powerful blast
Level 3=strikes his enemy with lightning
level 5=mounts a horse
level 7=gets a temporary damage boost attacking with his sword only
level 10= powerful single strike

Here is his gandalf the white in The men of Arda fraction after the white wizard upgrade is purchased.
level 1=powerful strike
level 3=summons 3 rohirim
level 5=mounts shadowfax which is the fastest mount in the mod
level 7=strikes enemy with a powerful blast of pure light
level 10= selected hero is ranked to level 10

Here is his powers in durins folk where he is gandalf the grey.
level 1=strikes enemy with flaming porcupine
level 3= gains glamdring
level 5=summons a pernament radagast
level 7=temporarily summons galadriel,elrond with his armour he wears at dol guldur and saruman before he turned to darkness
level 10=summons Gwaihir and 5 great eagles

level 1=powerful strike
level 3= summons Gwaihir
level 5= summons beorn and three eagles for aa time
level 7=summons 5 elite woodsmen and beornings

level 1=powerful strike
level 3=allows the production of uruk-hai
level 5=becomes saruman of many colurs and he is now resistant to magic damage
level 7=summons an uruk army

The Blue Wizards(hero unit)
they are are summon in the spellbook for the valar
level 1=summons southrons who are freed from saurons will
level 3=earthquake power
level 5=surrounded by a shield of the earth for a time

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