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The following article explains the Imperial Order and all matters related to it.

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The Imperial Order

A quasi-military order of like minded Imperials who follow a strict set of guidelines and maintain maximum discipline at all times. They know only one loyalty and that is the loyalty to the Empire itself, and they put their duty to the Empire above all else. With their foundations strongly rooted in order and discipline, they are a true force to be reckoned with. They know no bounds and fear no enemy, not even death itself.

It's headquarters are Brentaal IV, a planet in the coreworlds with few inhabitants which serves as the perfect place for the Order to build on. On the surface of the planet lies the city of Garrison which is home to the Capitulum which houses the training facilities, council chambers and meeting rooms, and the libraries of the Order itself. It is also home to the manufacturing centers, a space port, quarters, and other buildings necessary for the survival of the order.

A short distance from Garrison lies Castellum, a large walled fortress housing the Order's military wing and all it's supports. Within Castellum there is a medium-sized space port, barracks, the training grounds for the Legion, armories which hold the vehicles and weapons of the order, and other structures that serve the military. Jutting from the mountain from which the fortress surrounds is the Citadel itself, which is home to military high command and the various communications systems that make up the Order.

Protecting both Garrison and Castellum are numerous weapons platforms including turbolaser cannons, laser cannon turrets, and point defense laser cannons. On top of these defenses the Citadel and the Capitulum are protected by a shield generator able to be activated at moment's notice. Below the Citadel itself lies a series of underground tunnels and complexes which contain the power generators for the Order and back up supplies in case of siege.

In space a series of construction ports, space docks, and spaceports are protected by an armed space station similar in size to a Golan-3 called the Arx.

The Command structure for the Order is simple yet effective. At the top is the High Elder, elected by the Elder council in which there are 5 seats. Of these 5 there sits the leaders of each branch of the order itself, with the exception of the Scribes Guild who receive two seats. These elders vote on matters relating to the Order yet ultimately they fall under the direct command of the Emperor.

The titles of the Elders are as follows;
High Elder
Head Scribe (Scribe's Guild)
Senior Marshal (Lancer Corps)
Imperial Legate (The Legion)
Elder (Knights Brotherhood)

These ranks are all equal within the order and all answer to the High Elder directly.

Branches of the Order;

At the core of the Order are the Knights Brotherhood, force capable Imperials who have turned away from both the Jedi and Sith teachings and instead have come together to serve the greater Empire. These knights are broken down and trained from the bottom up to be experts at what they do. Lightsaber combat, force techniques, command, and even hand to hand combat. They can take on most any role in the Imperial military from spec ops to pilots to front line soldiers even commanding armies and fleets. The Imperial Knight is the true embodiment of what being an Imperial is all about.

The Ranks of the Brotherhood are as follows;
Squire (Trainee)
Initiate (Private)
Aspirant (CPL/Specialist)
Knight (SGT)
Knight Sergeant (Staff Sergeant)
Knight Captain (First Sergeant)
Knight Commander (Sgt Major)
Sentinel (Lieutenant)
Knight Paladin (Captain)
Senior Paladin (Major)
Paladin Commander (Colonel)
Star Paladin (General)

When an order member shows promise or the desire to pilot they are sent through the Lancer Academy and are trained on how to fly and operate many different types of vehicles and spacecraft armed and unarmed. Upon graduation they are assigned to the Lancer Corps who are in command of the Order's naval and air forces as well as pilot the vehicles that support and maintain the Legion.

The ranks of the Lancer Corps are as follows;
Squire (Trainee)
Lancer Initiate (Lieutenant)
Lancer (Captain)
Lancer Knight (Major)
Lancer Commander (Colonel)
Lancer Marshal (General)

Alongside the combat branches of the order lies the Scribe's Guild in which the academics go to keep records and are trained in the studying of most anything in the galaxy. They keep up the Order library of records and study any and all important data that comes through the Order channels. The Scribes are also responsible for the creation and upkeep of the Order's weapons and equipment and as such are an essential part of the Order.

Scribe's Guild Ranks;
Scribe Initiate
Senior Scribe

The Legion, the Order's military wing. The Legion comprises the forces under command of the Imperial Legate whose duty is to undertake combat operations when given the task. They are equipped with the best weapons and equipment available and are a force to be reckoned with.

Legion Ranks;
Legionary (PVT)
Decanus (SGT)
Tesserarius (First SGT)
Optio (Lieutenant)
Centurion (Captain)
Tribune (Major)
Prefect (Colonel)
Legion Legate (General)

Legion Breakdown;
The Legion consists of 6 Legionary cohorts of 480 men each, who are commanded by a Prefect. Each cohort consists of 6 centuries of 80 men each led by a Centurion. Each century is divided further into 8 10 man contuberniums each led by a Decanus.

The Legion is further complemented by 4 Auxiliary cohorts numbering 500 each. These cohorts are broken down in the same manner as their legionary counterparts and put under command of their assigned legionary officer.

The legionaries which make up the Legion are members who join the order yet show no talent in the use of the force and therefor are trained in the typical style of Imperial Stormtroopers, making them equal on the battlefield. The legionaries are few in number compared to the Stormtrooper Corps of the Empire, and as such are complemented by Auxiliary class battle droids.

Auxiliary class battle droids are able to be armed with many different types of weapons and fill many different roles, the Auxiliary class is very adaptable. Not only are they made for combat they also fill many non combat roles as well.

Types of Auxiliary Class Droids;
Miles-Class Battledroid. Main battle droid of the order, acting in the same manner as the legionaries. Equipped with standard infantry equipment and best used in numbers.
-Fall under direct command of Legion officers.

Medicus-Class Droid. Medicus droids offer battlefield support to the wounded and carry them back to safety. They are also able to do limited healing directly in the field.

Sarcio-Class Droid. Sarcio droids act as engineers in the roles of explosives, construction, and repairs. Able to repair vehicles, space craft, and buildings, as well as act as construction bots on both land and in space.

Vehicles and Starcraft;

The Imperium, Imperium class Battlecruiser. Mobile command and control for the order as well as a front line combat vessel for the Empire. It's heavy armor and armament gives it tremendous fighting power but it lacks speed as is the norm for Imperial vessels.

Trireme Class Destroyer. Mainline combat vessel of the order operating in the same capacity as Imperial Star Destroyers, will operate in squadrons to perform assigned tasks. Carries troops and their equipment as well as strikecraft to supplement its offensive and defensive abilities.

Navis Class Cutter. A light corvette designed to act as combat vessels until such time as more resources can be dedicated to the order's navy. Specs are similar to other light corvettes of this size.

Impetus Class Lander. Direct assault craft of the order very similar to the landing craft of the Imperial Navy. It can deploy troops directly into combat in the heat of battle quickly and effectively. (See Raven infinite warfare)

Advector Class Heavy Lander. Craft made for the landing of armored vehicles and equipment as well being able to deploy a large number of troops at a time. It is a slower craft due to its size and it is armed with only light laser cannon turrets and medium armor. It relies on the hope that the battlefield will already be secured. (See C-130 gunship sci fi)

Regalis Class Shuttle. Mainly used as a transport by delegations or higher ranking members of the order. Not very well armed or armored, usually has an escort.

Tacitus Class Lander. Specially designed craft intended to insert strike teams in without detection, very lightly armored and armed however its speed and stealth capabilities are extraordinary.

Spatha Class Gunship. Operates similarly to the republic's K-Wing. Can compete with enemy craft and perform strike missions on enemy ships or targets in space and on land.

Gladius Class Fighter. Mainstay fighter of the order, very resilient with a balance between weapons armor and speed. With the proper Lancer it can match up well against craft of the Republic and the Enclave if the need arose. (Jackal infinite warfare)

Pilum Class Bomber. Regular Bomber craft of the Order operating in the same role as bombers of the Imperial navy and Republic navy.

The Order's Ground vehicles will take many of the same traits of the Imperial army due to the fact that they serve the empire as a whole. Using experimental Railgun technology developed by the order to devastating effects the orders armored forces are slower yet pack a punch. All heavy vehicles are also equipped with point defense weapons to handle projectile threats.

Velites Class Light Walker. A lightly armed bipedal autonomous walker armed with light laser cannons and a shoulder mounted missile pod. Size is similar to the smaller walkers of old, and function similarly to them.

Fortis Class Walker. Mainline Walker of the order matching the size of the AT-ST. As such it is armed with single rail cannon and an antipersonnel laser cannon. It can be either autonomous or controlled by a pilot as it is most often done.

Ballista Class Heavy Walker. Bipedal battle Walker heavily armored and armed, yet understandably slower than other walkers. It is meant to provide direct and indirect fire support to advancing Order forces and as such it is armed with 3 arcing rail cannons. For close range it is also armed with 3 twin light laser cannon turrets that act as both antipersonnel weapons and to fight off enemy craft. It is a manned Walker however the weapons systems are able to lock on to marked targets by troops in the field.

Maximus Class MBT. Mainline combat vehicle fighting alongside the walkers. It is built with the same characteristics as the walkers with an emphasis on firepower and armor versus speed. It is a tracked combat vehicle armed with a single rail cannon with a twin laser turret for close range defense.

Canis Class Scout Vehicle. When available for usage, this light scout vehicle is used in pairs to search ahead of the main force to detect enemy forces. It is 4 wheeled so terrain does not bother it. It is light armored and carries only a pair of twin light laser cannon turrets for offense. It relies on its speed to get it out of situations.
-Can be equipped with a pair of missile pods if deemed necessary to combat harder targets.
-Unarmed versions also serve as on world transport.

Carruca Class Heavy Transport. This 6 wheeled armored personnel carrier is used to ferry troops around the battlefield once on the surface. It is similar to the juggernaut of the Imperial army of old yet smaller in size. It is armored and armed with a twin light laser cannon turret and a missile pod.
-Can be converted into a number of combat roles; Tank Killer with a rail cannon. Indirect fire support using an arcing rail cannon.

Cataphract Class Heavy Tank. Heavy duty fighting vehicle of the order that is a tracked monster armed with two linked rail cannons that pack a serious punch. Armed with missile pods and a twin light laser cannon turret for defense.

Experimental Projects;

Elephas Class Super Heavy Walker. 4 legged Walker with heavy armor and weapons that is being tested. It functions and acts similarly to the AT-AT of the Imperial army however this design is armed with twin rail cannons. Carries a contubernium of Legionnaires.

Exitum Class Atmospheric Weapons platform. Atmospheric Weapons Platform being tested that would offer fire support to advancing Order forces. Heavily armed and armored but slow and relies on its distance from the battlefield for protection.

Ignis Class Repulser Lift Weapons platform. Armed with quad experimental rapid firing rail cannons being tested to see how they match up versus laser cannon turrets that operate in the same function. Linked in pairs and operated on a swivel mount on the mainframe of the vehicle itself.

Canetis Class Repulsor Lift Sonic Tank. Armed with an experimental sonic canon that uses sonic waves to blast away at targets. The sonic cannon uses up a lot of energy and as such the vehicle is relatively slow and unarmed. However it does have decent armor.

Crepitus Class Ion Cannon platform. Two designs currently being developed, one tracked and one using repulsor Lift technology. It is armed with an experimental ion cannon meant to be used a siege weapon.

Scutum Class Mobile Shield Generator. An armored tracked vehicle equipped with a powerful shield generator. Meant to follow close behind the armored battle groups as they advance.

Vortex Troopers. These legionnaires have been equipped with heavily armored exosuits and given hand held experimental rail guns. These troopers are able to use jet boosters to quickly maneuver the battlefield.

Rail cannon emplacements. Being tested in the firing ranges on the planet, will be put in place as defensive weapons of the fortress itself.

Experimental Weapons;
Sonic Weapons
Rail Weapons
Exosuit technology
Experimental Ion Cannon technology
Droid technology


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