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details on what ships will be in the hutt asteroid and supergate

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This week is the week when some of my secrets are revealed. Each day over the next week ill be posting one image. theyll contain details on whats in the Supergate/Hutt Asteroid.
There will be three units for each faction, A Tier 8, a Tier 4 and a heavy fighter.

Supergate Ships - Stargate
Tier (8) - Replicator Capital Ship
Tier (4) - Replicator Spider
Heavy Fighter - Replicator Fighter

Starship Troopers
Supergate Ships - Starship Troopers
Tier (8) - Assault Carrier
Tier (4) - Horned Devil Destoryer
Heavy Fighter - Zipfly Fighter

Babylon 5
Supergate Ships - Babylon 5
Tier (8) - Vorchan Attack Cruiser Mk3
Tier (4) - White Star
Heavy Fighter - Raider Intercetpor

Star Wars
Supergate Ships - Star Wars
Tier (8) - Kedalbe Battleship
Tier (4) - Cruisader Gunship
Heavy Fighter -Starviper Fighter

Star Trek
Supergate Ships - Star Trek
Tier (8) - C9
Tier (4) - L19
Heavy Fighter - Aero shuttle

Battlestar Galactica
I currently have no ships for ther BSG supergate. Ill probalby use two of the cylon ships ive used for the starbase. The fighter will the by old cylon raider


Intriguing :)

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Spinobreaker Author

glad u think so, any guesses on what the factions ships will be?

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my guess would be vong for star wars
I don't know enough about the others to guess except stargate but you've done them and good choice cant wait to see them :)

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I really hope that it isn't the VOng
from what i have seen up until now from them
their ships look like...asteroids...
well all i know is from the Corporate Addon mod but still i don't know of other Vong models
i percenally think that it either will be Legacy era ships like the Palleon/sorry if i misspelled it/or Old Republik era ships from the time of Revan

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no vong, it would be cheating. in the SW books, vong shields literaly EAT enemy fire, and are nearly impossible to destroy. it would be like doubling an ori ship shield system, then giving it railguns, nukes, and a cake maker.^_^ cake win^_^

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