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The Human Resurgence V1.0 is now live! The mod aims to expand on the original Human Resistance mod to implement the Military as a fully featured faction in Universe at War. The mod adds many additional features to better match the Military against the other in game factions.

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Today I'm releasing the first version of my Human Resurgence mod. Firstly this mod was built upon the Human Resistance v1.2 Mod by con7con & CanadaMan7. I'm also glad to have help from Melquart the creator of the Human Resistance Reborn mod. We will be working together going forward to improve the mod in future releases.

All the new features are listed below.

Change Log:
[+] Military AI Support (The military can now be played by the computer)
[+] Patch 3 Support!
[+] Global Campaign Support for Military
[+] Military Superweapon
[+] Buildable Laser Turrets
[+] Buildable Tech Structures i.e. Nuclear Reactor & Materials Factory
[+] New Medic Unit
[+] Research Tree Added (currently only 2 branches)
[+] New APC Troop Deploy Ability
[+] Neutral Structure Capture Ability
[+] Sgt Woolard Repair Ability
[+] New Vehicle Weapons: APC Laser turret & Abrams Tank Gunner turret - unlocked via research
[+] Enemy Super Weapon timers displayed
[+] Fixed Damage levels for Alien and Military units. Example: Apache's killing grunts instantly

Human Resurgence V1.01

More Details.

AI Support:
That's right the Military now has AI support so you can play with or against them in Skirmish battles. They should operate just like any other faction according to their difficulty setting.
This also includes global campaign mode.

Patch 3 Support:
The mod has been updated to support Patch 3. However this mod was not designed with online play in mind. I have no idea what issues you may run into when attempting to play online multiplayer.

Global Campaign:
Added the Military into all the standard global campaign scenarios. They have also been included in other faction campaigns. Now you will have to fight off three factions to claim the earth!

Military Superweapon:
The Rocket Launch Pad is the new military super weapon. It requires a Materials Factory and Nuclear Reactor to construct. The effect is a large explosion at the target zone which leaves behind burning debris and radiation that causes additional damage over time.

Buildable Laser Turrets:
Not much to say on this one, you can now build laser turrets! Oh and they have been nerfed a bit from their capturable equivalents

Buildable Production Structures
The Machine Factory & Nuclear Reactor act as tech structures. The machine factory is required to build more powerful vehicle units like Tanks, APC's, MTRV's, Jets & Apache's. The Nuclear Reactor is required to build laser turrets and the superweapon.

Medic Unit Added:
The new combat medic is a very week unit. However it has a passive ability to slowly heal other marine units that are in close proximity. This ability stacks with the more medics you have together. So the more medics the faster the healing. The medics other ability is the ability to capture neutral structures on the battlefield.

APC Troop Deploy:
The APC has an ability to spawn a squad of marines. This ability can be unlocked via the research tree and can be further upgraded to spawn more powerful marine units.

Sgt Woolard Repair Ability:
Sgt Woolard repair ability provides continuous healing for thirty seconds. Weaponry is disabled for the duration of the ability.

Global Campaign Military


Amazing, this is the mod I've been looking forward to for ten years

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Can you have Novus v Hierarchy v Masari v Military in global conquest and skirmish?

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Yes. All global campaigns are a free for all and Military is also included when playing as the other factions.

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Holy **** that's awesome. So now I can do 8 player skirmish games having 4 teams of 2 from each of the factions, 2 Novus versus 2 Masari versus 2 Hierarchy versus 2 Military. Duuuuuuude that's badass. Hey do you know of any fan made 8 player maps? Because the base game only comes with two 8 player maps. One last question: The AI tends to stop functioning after their resources dwindle. They just camp their base. Is there anyway to give em a resource boost so they always send out units to attack?

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Among other things, I am looking at the issue as time allows. This has something to do with how the AI Goals are functioning. Each and every action is tied to the accumulated money they have stashed away.

So, you will see that Masari and now Human are the best factions as they do not run out of resources, unlike Novus and Hierarchy. Those two are woefully under equipped to fight throughout the whole course of the game.

The AI also needs to learn to sell some buildings if they ran out of money but it is tricky to implement.
It also needs to pressurize and expand rapidly or it will die by the end of mid game.

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