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The big one! The biggest update we've had! Interviews, art, and more!

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Today's update will begin with two interviews!

Our Co-CEO and composer sat down with us today to answer some rigourus questions. So, let's begin!


1. Where did you learn of MidLaunch Studios?

From You. (Walking Dead)

2. What inspired you to join?

I thought it would be fun because all of my friends were apart of it.

3. What do you do at MidLaunch?

I'm a concept artist and the Co-CEO

4. What do you think of the team's dedication to the project?

Very, very,very,very dedicated. It is very rare to find people with that amount of dedication.

5. How are the work schedules?

Very easy going. It's not every hour of the week. Just show your working and you're fine.

6. What is it like working with Matt(Ragnarok) and Tyler(Walking Dead)?

Really fun.....just crazy!

7. What are your hopes for the team and game?

I hope we really get far. That we make it places in the community that other's haven't gone. For the game, I hope it solves the unquenchable thirst of the gaming community and that it revolutionizes the gaming industry.

8. What are your favorite video games?

Halo: Reach, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and Medal of Honor.

9. Master Chief or Gordan Freeman?

Master Chief.

10. Do you think, through all of the hardships, that you and the team will stick to it and create a fantastic game?

Oh, definitely! There's no way we can't!

That's Chris's interview!
Now for Matt's!


1. Where did you learn of MidLaunch Studios?

Oh, I heard it from you!

2. What inspired you to join?

Well, I heard the game idea and I thought I could lend my talents to a worthy project.

3. What do you do at MidLaunch?

I am the current Musical Composer....... "Munches on hot Cheetos."

4. What do you think of the team's dedication to the project?

The team is very dedicated and I am proud to be working with individuals of this caliber.

5. How are the work schedules?

The schedules fit very well with personal schedules. Quite suitable, they fit the needs of the individual.

6. Master Chief or Gordan Freeman?

Gordon Freeman. Commander Shepard still trumps all though.

7. What is it like making the soundtrack for Final Horizon?

Very fun, yet it presents an opportunity to challenge myself.

8. Favorite video game and composer.

Marty O' Donnell.
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Halo: Reach.

Very wordy! Both were great team members to interview! Very fun time!
Now for the other stuff for this update!

As some may know, we have a new logo!

It was changed because we wanted a new feel to the logo. Give us your thoughts on it, we would love to know!

MidLaunch has been working on a new game for over 2 months now, but we are still in the conceptual stage, so I can't tell you anything! Except show you these concepts:

Now, one of these pictures has an Easter egg in it, a date, but what could that date mean?

We should be getting back into the swing of things soon enough! Hopefully!

Well, that's it for now. Wish I could post more, but I can't! Hope you all enjoyed and hope it sparks some interest!

The MidLaunch Team


Like the weapon design can't wait to see full model of it. Keep up the great work

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