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Take aim and shoot a load of death from your favorite weapon.

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The Final Weapons:

Forged deep within the mechanical kingdom itself, these weapons are provided for one reason only: to kill. There are 18 weapons in all, and endless strategies await. Each weapon is in a different class and has two functions. This makes it feel like there are over 30 weapons.

Laser Launcher

Crank The Cannon

I believe this is the final batch of weapons the game will be launching with. I hope that through time I can add a few more really cool weapon ideas I have. This would be post launch and included in future free updates. If you guys have any ideas on weapons or input on how to make these better, let me know. :)

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to let me know what you think. I aim to make Silas one of the best PC games around, so please help support it by tracking, spreading the word, and pre-ordering!

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syson5 - - 327 comments

first comment and rlly nivr weapons excatly waht i wanted

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xXMaNiAcXx - - 4,807 comments

No one wants to know that you were the first to comment.

Great update! I'm really excited about this game now, really loved the happy hammer XD

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Croco15 - - 1,240 comments

I couldn't even read that. Anyways awesome weapons! I'm REALLY excited.

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Theon - - 713 comments

**** yeah, Blue She-!!
I mean..., Krusher ^u^;

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exaltstudios Author
exaltstudios - - 140 comments

hehe, well it's not as lame as the blue shell. As it won't kill the person in 1st place. It's fairly hard to obtain 1st in Silas, so I don't think it's fair to punish the person with a blue shell type weapon when they get there. The hammer and ice king will hurt all the players aside from you, with the hammer being a bit like the lighting bolt. But luckily I'm not making it happen as often as the lighting bolt. As I want skill to be more important than getting a better random weapon. :)

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Paxton - - 394 comments

Automatically awesome.

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booman - - 3,651 comments

Very nice update. So much to take in all at once. Sounds like a lot of balanced weapons for gameplay. I really like how you took the time to think through the capabilities of each weapon and how it will affect the race. Then you 1up-ed it by adding a secondary function. Very Cool. Keep up the hard work

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