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The Great War : Heroes In The East

Mod Update

  1. New units for the rusian army

Winter riflemen

News : Russian army

Riflemen 1914

News : Russian army


Russian Cyclist

Officer 1914

News : Russian army

1. Horses and Swords

Thank you guerrito and chatto for helping our team and for giving us the horses and the swords



About Them

You can ride the horses ,carry artillery pieces with them ,carry equipment, and also use them in fights : they can use swords ,spears ,and rifles.



About them

You can use them from the back of the horse but also dismounted by pressing on the melee button ,the cavalry , the officers and the artillerymen can use the swords

Beta campaigns


-Introduction in the army 15%

-baptism by fire 35%

Serbian campaign

-Battle of Cer (1914) 75 %

-Battle of Kolubara (1914) 0 %

-The Morava Offensive (1915) 0 %

-The Kosovo offensive (1915) 0 %

-Battle of Mojkovac (1916) 0 %

-1st Battle of Dorian (1916) 0 %

Russian campaign

-Battle of Gumbinnen (1914) 100 % "we need the testers to test the map"

-Battle of the Vistula River (1914) 25 %

-Siege of Przemyƛl (1915) 50%

German campaign

-Battle of Tannenberg (1914) 0 %

-First Battle of the Masurian Lakes (1914) 0 %

Austro-Hungarian Campaign

-Battle of Limanowa (1914) 0 %


-All quiet on the western front team

-German 300

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Flag for serbia is a bit ahistorical. This is modern flag.
I cannot send links but on wikipedia you have correct flag of serbia used in WW1 Just type Kingdom of Serbia :)

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