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This list of nearest plans 0.2 Alpha - add new units, change units models, start create renegade race next in theme...

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This list of nearest plans

0.2 Alpha - add new units, change units models, start create renegade race, change taskbar UI - add boss bar, add last stand buttons, add sub-control menu, add heresy armors
0.3 Alpha - add new units, change units models, next changes in renegade race
0.4 Alpha - more balance changes, more winconditions, add maps for last stand
0.5 Alpha - add weapons and some units, balance changes, final changes on renegade race, start create ordo malleus race
0.6 Alpha - add units, add Imperial Knights, Wraithknights, Morkanaut, Gorkanaut and more mega units for races
0.7 Alpha - Final of create new Taskbar UI - Boss bar,Last Stand buttons, Full workable sub-control menu,add last stand, start new campaign project,more balance changes

0.8 Alpha - final changes in ordo malleus race, start ordo xenos race,change last stand scripts for more good

0.9 Alpha - Some UI changes, Change campaign select UI, Add some scripts

1.0 First Beta - Add some units, change units models, final changes in ordo xenos race,start ordo hereticus race, Some UI changes, add some winconditions, Some changes in Taskbar UI, Full worable units\buildings and other icons, change capture points models,change victory points models, Full workable global abilities for ~all races, add skin factory for races for change models of units

MK3 Armor ( but legs from MK8, on next time I change to MK3 legs) with Bolter


Welcome back my good friend! It's been a long time, we missed you!!!

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Ultimate_Yaro_Gander Author

I edit on this time dow2 mod, and requred mapper, next I relax in Garry's Mod, and on this time I restore work on dow1 mod and wait fix for space marine model (I don't see error in OE but mk3 armor and other other other variants in game and in army painter - pink error cube)

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Just out of curiosity, you plan on including Custodes in there? Because Horus Heresy and Pre-Heresy stuff is long overdue.

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Ultimate_Yaro_Gander Author

I do not know

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