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Blockformer disappeared for a short period... had quite a bit to focus on before we could even think on updating this!

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Hey! Remember us? Team Naughty Dragon!? We made this game with this idea... Blockformer! Yes we are still around and kicking, sorry to leave everyone in the dark, but we had a drive and we went for it! Blockformer is seeing its first official release to the public, with some drastic changes from the original. Its been twenty weeks since we last did an update, and the game has not only a new logo, but a new look altogether!

Much of Blockformer had gone under wraps as we figured out the direction we really wanted to go with this. An my oh my much has changed! As a quick update besides art style, we've changed the story aspect around as well. We had come to the conclusion we didn't want to force players through a story, but rather if they want to know more they can "find" more to it! So we removed the story and in a later update to the game we will add story archives hidden throughout the main levels of the game.

We intend to later support a Time Trial mode. Currently we have a few levels in that can keep time, for now its up to the player to compete against their own time and then share it with others. We want to change that! We want it to be so that the game can save the times completed and then also (in another update) have those scores shared online to compete against the masses!

For the future there has been brief rumblings of additional play modes, but since they are purely in the conceptual state I won't quite reveal what they might be just yet. However; you can guarantee that the player's best interests are in mind and we aim to bring more entertainment value to the game!

The build is currently up, so feel free to download the latest Blockformer and enjoy!

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