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I wanted to clear some things up a bit. The game will soon be available on Steam Greenlight.

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I wanted to clear some things up a bit. This game is NOT going to have a multiplayer for the beta. The only way you can play multiplayer is to download the game on Steam which the game is not on. The multiplayer has 3 game modes: Zombie, PvP, and survival. The Zombie mode is set on an island which your plane crashed on which you soon learn is infested with the undead. The PvP mode is as you might have guessed. Player versus Player. The PvP map will be set in a city with places to snipe and lots of places for close range combat. The survival mode is where players team up to stay alive against a continuous stream of enemies that get harder overtime. The game is set on Tornto Island where you must take over the airport.

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