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The game is beginning to look more like a finished product so we will post more updates in the next couple of days and maybe even release a playable version of it.

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We started making this game as a school project with 3 weeks of development. These 3 weeks were spread out over this school year and now we are in the middle of the third week, therefore we will post more updates and be as active as possible on IndieDB during the next couple of days, we will also work hard to get a playable version of the game published here on IndieDB.

Picture of our main scene showing our early mockup character models. (These models will be changed)
Picture from the scene showing early mockups of characters

Here are a few things we've added to improve the game:

  • Improved Interior lightning
  • Powerups and traps
  • Better character models
  • Improved main menu and UI
  • Changed level layout
  • Improved movement

Newer main menu.
Newer version of the main menu

Early in-game footage.
Early in-game footage showing early mockup character models

Stay tuned for more updates!

(Note that most models and textures and the layout of the level will be changed soon)

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