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Our plans about post-launch and where we plan to take the game next, along with a recap of streams/videos about Stardrift Nomads. We are planning a stream on Saturday as well, come play with us!

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Hello Everyone!

So far the release has been really exciting, to everyone who has played the game and given us feedback so far, thank you so much. We’ve really enjoyed watching some Twitch streams and Let’s Plays featuring the game, big shoutout to MemoryLeakDeath, Space Game Junkie, and OMGchad for their videos.

Watching people play the game for the first time is always an eye-opening experience. In the recent patches we’ve implemented a few features that we thought were needed based on feedback from our players, and we will continue to do so.

So what’s next for Stardrift?

We have big plans for the game now that it has been released, and number one on the list is expanding our content. We have a number of features and content ideas on our development wishlist, which didn’t make it into the release version of the game, and we finally have the chance to work on them. Our plan for Stardrift Nomads is to treat it kind of like a Season Pass, we will continually release updates and patches for the game to make it better and better. The first content update is slated to release in early Summer so keep your eyes open for more info and teasers!

We can’t stress enough how important your feedback is to us, if you have suggestions or critiques we’d love to hear them. Building a great game means listening to what your players want and working hard to give it to them.

We will be running a Twitch stream on Saturday 4/22 @ 7pm EST if anyone wants to drop by and chat or play with us.

To all you Aces, Mechanics, and Scavengers out there, we’ll see you in the stars!

Thanks for reading.

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