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lol, I'm clever. Well we have to talk about RAFI's future. It Has slowed Recently and all will be told.

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Well, Here we are, after a cold cycle, the Heat is coming back to RAFI!

Now I bet you are wondering what was happening in the Time I was gone, well life happened,
And you cant get around that. Yet the Burners are now on high, and the A/B's are flairing!
Here's the news.

  1. Nations- The Nations as in a smaller update are being rearanged, as this mod takes place after RA2. The Info on the new nations will be found here
  2. CnC Guild- THose who go to CnC Guild can find a new video there. There will also be a unit list, and specials events. That is not to say that ModDB fans will be left out, as I have a special present for you! I'm not telling...
  3. Ares- Ares is the newest Version of the Rock patch line. The Abilities of these patches make many things in my mod work, like Air Combat and Special Powers. Yet it is another thing to get fans to D/L it. Now do I switch to Ares when it launches, or keep with good ol' Npatch?
  4. Manpower- I am but one moder, and Even though I am in a group, they each have there own mods. So if anyone wants to join the RAFI team, send a PM. Who knows, maybe you may make a breakthrough that I never thought.
  5. Battle cast Prime time- I will see if I can get as Many RA2 and TS mods to be featured on the C&C site, and mabe even BCPT, as I have butt heads with APOC a while back. No promises, yet there is a chance.

So now you know the Future on Imperfect, and I hope to see you for the Silver Launch and the Present.

Jason Zombolt, Sword that Cleaves Evil!

feillyne Staff

3. Sweet error finding. You know, if you switch to Ares, I'd like to enhance ASM with it too... :-D Maybe also Drakon could move to it. So Shipyard mods would be running on the same patch. :-)

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Jason_Zombolt Author

Forgot what link I copied lol
and I cant control your mods, yet it might be nice.

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