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Latest patch has been released to alpha testers, major re-balancing and lots of bug fixes.

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This patch is a lot of balancing; the game is significantly harder, and it really matters now how you play. Since the Wizard is the only playable class currently, you need to remember that wizards do best when attacking from range, and the cards the wizard have been given give them many changes to stay well away from monsters.
Some highlights of the rebalancing:
  • Orb card is now a non-ranged attack. It was too powerful that all but one of the wizard's attacks were ranged. And it makes sense, the Orb is the wizards "off-hand" weapon.
  • Hero hitpoints have been reduced
  • Monster hitpoints and attack values have been significantly tweaked. Attack values of higher level monsters are *much* higher, so be careful attacking yellow or red monsters, they will hurt!
  • Healing potions have been changed to heal more as you level up.
  • All of the "of a kind" (2 of kind, 3 of a kind, etc) combos now grant bonus damage
Other items in this patch:


  • Added more graphical effects around attacks (lots more on the way!)
  • Added some keyboard support for web version (web page will be updated with information)
  • Added "swipe-to-move" on ios devices. Swipe in the direction you'd like to go and you should move that way
  • Meandering shrubs now won't create so many saplings, and saplings won't create other saplings


  • Dungeon generation shouldn't generate abandoned rooms, or weird corridors.
  • On higher resolution devices, the loading panel didn't properly cover the underlying screen
  • If you tried to tap to move and you were near the edge of the dungeon, it wouldn't work
  • You can no longer move if you have cards selected
  • At level 10, the new xp bar would grow super big
  • Hero damage multipliers weren't shown in the UI anywhere, and weren't being restored when loading a saved game (these can now be seen on the character sheet).
  • Monsters that were "chilled" would cause weird stuff to happen when the next game loaded during the same session
  • Monsters now move in order from closest to hero to farthest, which fixed some weird movement patterns
  • Panels that slid in from the top (like the monster information panel) didn't slide all the way up before disappearing

Fury is currently in alpha testing, and we're looking for more folks to help out. More information can be found on our alpha testing page.

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