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The Outrun Update focuses on all forms of transport to make getaways a bit easier to manage. The main feature is a speedy new sports car. Grab the free update on Steam today!

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It’s that time again. Please restart your Steam clients to grab the latest free upgrade. Called The Outrun Update – this update focuses on all forms of transport to make running errands (ie. getaways) a bit easier to manage. The main feature is a speedy new sports car. Feel free to kindly borrow a ride from an NPC, and take it out for a spin.


You’ll find increased acceleration, top speed, and traction compared to other road cars. But do take care, since drivers are more exposed to gunfire and the car won’t be able to take many hits before turning into a smoldering wreck. As a bonus feature, hit the H key while driving or on-foot for a new way of alerting other players.


A lot of vehicles have had their physics tuned. You’ll find most cars will now have more balanced grip and suspension. Remember that Shift and Alt keys can be used as speed modifiers just like on foot. So hit that boost to give you a slight edge during a chase. Planes also have had their flight model tweaked for smoother flying. You still don’t want to stall these birds, but they should be a bit more manageable.


An addition to apartments allows players to grow some, erm, herbal remedies within the comfort of an apartment. Check out the Furniture menu for some new planters. These allow players to place seeds in order to harvest cannabis, opium, or coca for processing. Careful, police can still raid apartments but the rate has been slightly lowered. Still, you might want to barricade off the entrance while you’re farming.


You’ll find a bunch of other fixes and additions to the game all over. Ability to escape handcuffs, range checks on inventory trading, new female clothing items, color correction, updated shaders, and much more. Check out the full changelog below, and see you in-game!

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Linux Server

Outrun Update Change Log

Added sports car variants
Ability small chance to escape from handcuffs (attempt with Mouse 1)
Added planters as furniture for growing within apartments
Improved traction and tweaked suspension on wheel colliders
Menu music changed again
Bazooka, rockets, and tasers added to Gun Shop merchant
Slower weather cycles and reduced flood chance further
No longer able to enter dead vehicles during lag
More responsive AI driving and better incline handling
AI drivers will try better to stop for pedestrians
Fixed super-armored helos
Tank occupants now protected from explosions
Slightly Boosted tank shell strength
Added color correction option to settings
Tweaked airplane flight model
Added hostess hats for some female characters
Gang members are rewarded for taking out other gangsters
Fixed paramedic reward glitches
Added range checks during inventory transfers/trading
Cleaner inventory error handling
Fixed AI drivers U-turning randomly
Fixed various vehicle mesh errors
Optimized connection/packet handling with high player counts
Reduced handcuff prices
Fixed cleanup and resetting of owned vehicles
Fixed error on unknown items entering basketball hoop
Fixed memory/physics leak with thrown basketballs
Fixed rare AI pathfinding crash
Fixed missing mesh faces on homes and jets
Fixed apartment debris cleanup causing some client-side crashes
More public variables for modding accessibility
Job name and rank displayed with job color now
Update to Unity Engine 2018.1.6
Added missing key to prison guard
Fixed flickering textures on baseball caps
Shotgun ammo retexture
Fixed Construction Top item name typos
Fence and building overlap fixes
Fixed duplicating glitch when binding items
Binding an already bound item will move it to the lowest open slot
Tweaked upgrade messages
Players can request Server Info anytime from Players Menu
Added car horns and whistling to get attention (default: H)
Slighty reduced explosion forces
Raised cloud heights slightly
Tweaked sun shaft and SSAO shader properties
Using more compatible legacy shaders

Screenshot Credits: @Broke_Protocol, KatoSoto


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