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The fourth update #4 of the game that we are currently working on.

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Hello again guys!

This is the fourth update video of the game. Welcome to update #4 of the project. It's showing off some of the new amazing features which is the buying weapons feature. You can now purchase weapons using points that you gain from killing enemies. The melee weapon is also still in development, but we added the hands and still need to fix some bugs with it but wanted to show it off. Everything you see is in early WIP.

Some major features in Update #4:

- Weapon buying feature.
- Update melee weapon
- Gaining points when you kill an enemy.
- Picking up wood and planks (which you can use to build barricades and stuff)
- Updated the HUD on screen.
- And many more!

If you like to support this project you can with even $1 on Patreon or any donations you want here. This is much appreciate and it will be a big help to the project. We would also highly appreciate your feedback. Also, you can subscribe to stay updated with new updates for the game and support us with the project!

Thank you again and have a great day!

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