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Mod Team: | Aldrich - Historic Research, Map Making, Texturing | Skobelev - 3d Modelling, Map Making, Artwork | Chao - Coding & Module | Cwca - Historic Research

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  • Great Britain (House of Hanover)


  • Jacobite Rebels (House of Stuart)


New Features/Changes:

  • New shield - Scottish small shield "Targe"
  • New shield bash system - usable with the Targe
  • New lonagrm/shortarm weapons - Serjeant Halberd, Officer Spontoon etc.
  • New decapitation system - certain attacks will decapitate your opponent
  • New classes - "Grenadier" which has the ability to throw actual grenades
  • New rank system - Players can choose from "Ranker", "Corporal", "Serjeant", "Captain", "Lt Colonel" etc. (Great Britain), this is intended for increased roleplay and organisation in line battles.
  • New item browsing menu for administrators - allows the equipping and/or spawning of any item in the game
  • New character voice lines and music
  • Abundance of new and historically accurate uniforms
  • New maps with base texture improvements
  • New props created by Skobelev and open source
  • Roleplay elements on RP maps (TBD)

Still WIP:

  • Bayonet system
  • Adjusted damage stats


Uniform Gallary:

Conway's Regiment of Foot (34th) Ranker - Private

"The Buffs" Regiment of Foot (3rd) Ranker - Private

"The Buffs" Regiment of Foot (3rd) Grenadier - Corporal

"The Buffs" Regiment of Foot (3rd) Officer - Captain

"The Buffs" Regiment of Foot (3rd) Officer - Lt Colonel

"The Buffs" Regiment of Foot (3rd) - Grenadier Mitre

"The Buffs" Regiment of Foot (3rd) - Musician Mitre Var 1

"The Buffs" Regiment of Foot (3rd) - Mitre Variations (Back)

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