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So, just a little over a month after I first decided to give the reboot a go. "How am I doing?" you may ask, read on...

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My progress has been slower than anticipated (should have anticipated that :\ ). So far I'm probably a little under half way. The previous three weeks have been my Uni break so sadly I think you know what that means... From now on work progress is going to be pretty slow, I don't want to fail my classes so I'm going to have to limmit myself to working on this during weekends.

The stuff I have done has gone pretty well. Ive totally changed the lighting in the game and only used real sources of light to light rooms (no magical light conjuration like before hehe), I've replaced all the old game mechanics used in portal 1/we created with the new ones from portal 2 (everything from the test chamber doors through to the propulsion belt we made), and I've even been adding new puzzles into areas I felt were lacking before or would benefit from a bit of an overhaul.

Once I fix the lighting at the end of the first antigrav chamber I'll have finished the first map of chapter 8 of 12, which is probably around about half way through the test chambers, then i still have the escape chambers to do.

On another related note I still have yet to do any of the voice over work yet. Bear with me as I've been braving this alone so far and have so far yet to go.

Sorry for the less than favourable news,


Can you post any pictures of what you've done?

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Rorius Author

I might just do that this coming weekend ;)

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