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The first patch for Roma Surrectum II has been released.

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The first patch for Roma Surrectum II has been released, head down to our forum at Total War Center for more information and the download link. /Roma Surrectum Developer Team.

The following things has been fixed/changed:

1. Numerous trait issues fixed.

a. Plebeians and Equestrians adopted by Patricians now become Patricians and gain Patrician ranks.
b. Conqueror traits simplified as they were not working correctly.
c. Gain messages added for all Roman military and civil levels.
d. Adjustments made to economic prosperity and depression traits.
e. New battle counter added so that generals who fight and win a lot of battles get more stars (by Jon Arbuckle)
f. Several Macedonian traits and ancillaries added by Jon Arbuckle.
g. 'Demotion' traits removed from Roman military leadership as they couldn't work properly anyway.
h. Fixed trait 'Politics Skill' which was being awarded to a diplomat for a successful bribe, but he couldn't get the trait (possible CTD).
i. Removed 'command' penalty from Political General.

2. Fixed several issues with roads in the east and in Greece where the game couldn't draw them because of the terrain.
3. Fixed numerous misplaced resources (thanks to Zing).
4. Adjustments to one-turn campaign using some of the one-turn sub-mod ideas.

a. Much lower income for all factions.
b. Longer build times for barracks, and more cost.
c. Assassins only available in higher barracks.
d. Reduced amount of units in spawned armies; and experience, armor and weapon levels lowered.
e. Numerous other tweaks and changes to slow things down.

5. Fixed wrong AOR's for Aquitani Light horsemen in the Carthage barracks and the mercenary building.
6. A number of text spelling and grammer fixes.
7. Lowered core tax income for all factions 25% in all 0-turn campaigns.
8. Added new Carthaginian Temple icons by Tzar.
9. Fixed several missing icons on the Battle UI.
10. Corrected error in Carthage recruitment of Levy Clubmen in first barracks.
11. Added Tone's alternate 0-turn EDU's for more lethality and\or less stacks.
12. Corrected double entry of 'bellovaci infantry' in fourth Celtic barracks.
13. Corrected grammatical error in one of the 'quotes'.
14. Beefed up Seleucid in the Parthian campaign so they won't be so 'easy'.
15. Added alternate formations_ai files: One that corrects a CTD when ambushed in a forest (for ALEX EXE only)
and included a 'pure' Sinuhet formations_ai file, Version 7, with supported factions adjustments for RS2.
This was done in the hopes of addressing the loss of unit control in certain instances (where the unit spreads out all over
the place). This never happened in RS1.6 that I know of.
16. Added player formations file based on RTR settings as default (RS2 formations file is the alternate). Thanks to RTR team for permission.
17. Added units to cultural buildings, with corresponding recruitment adjustments, to correct 'Rebellion CTD'.
18. Fixed a number of building cards using the wrong size\format, so they showed up 'white'.
19. Added Roman 1-turn campaign which includes both rebellions, with changes as in the other 1-turn campaign.
20. Changes to Roman recruitment so that 'client-state' and 'citizenship' buildings will mean a lot more in terms of unit availability.

a. Allied Roman units will be available ONLY in a client state building.
b. Greater variety of units available to the Romans in the client state, a kind of Roman 'merc' building, which assumes that a client state
will provide a number of different unit types as an ally of the Romans. More historically correct.

21. Added new Egyptian temple icons by Tzar.
22. Fixed error in Seleucid music file preventing music from being played properly.
23. Added alternate language files in Important_Stuff folder.
24. Added fewer stacks and slightly shorter battles as the default configuration. 'Fewer stacks, shorter battles', and the default release RS2 are now the alternates.
25. Fixed Spartan family tree error in all campaigns (thus eliminating a cloned character CTD possibility).
26. Fixed incorrect rebel tribe in Gaul per Mulatothrasher.
27. Fixed error in trait descriptions for Roman governors rejecting tax reforms.
28. Added advice files to all campaigns in the hopes of fixing the bribe CTD.
29. Lowered moral of levy pikemen 2 points in optional 'Fewer stacks, shorter battles' EDU's.
30. 'Peace with the Dead' (Thank you DBH for permission to use it. ) is now integrated with the background script and runs automatically. Each modfolder script is now 'individualized' for the playable faction.

AirborneSn1p3r - - 3,137 comments

awsome must have a go at it

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Alejandr0 - - 13 comments

i'm new at this so i was wondering how do you install the patch 2.1?
do you just copy or cut and paste it in the roma surectum files ?

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Guest - - 699,814 comments

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Guest - - 699,814 comments

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