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Well i thought in this news article i would announce some of the aims of this mod and what else i want to put in it :)

Ground battles....
I know from previous BSG mods released that ground battles were a major want for players however there is a remote chance at best that there will be a fully intergrated ground battle system.
For the first versions most planets will not have ground locations anyways but some are needed for the AI's "sanity" however i may attempt to retexture the Dark Trooper Phase two as a centurion and the rebel solider as marines. Also Fighter craft will be included for ground battles. However remapping will need to take place due to the fact that all the battles we see in the show are on a small scale and this mod shall be no different. Expect tough terrain and lots of narrow paths.

A proper flak shield system:
At the minute im trying to get a system working where missiles can be targeted by ships guns but i have hit some major barriers. Firstly apart from the special ability on the crusader there is no way to set an accuracy rating for anti missile weapons and there are no collision meshes on missiles in the first place. I think a solution for this would be to make the collison mesh the model itself but im not sure if this will work. Only one way to find out :)

Scale of space battles:
Just to let people know now the size of the battles you saw in the trailer will be just a bit smaller than the largest battles. This is not due to me being evil in any way but kind.... to most peoples pc's. I will be using quite a few high poly models for different ships and the game will be very effects heavy (flak, etc). Also im hoping to get closer to cannon amounts of vipers raiders and the like for capital ships, which will mean maybe hundreds of smaller ships in the large battles and that grinds most peoples rigs to a halt. However if there is demand for larger battles i will release a patch with higher pop caps for people who wish it. On the flipside of this even with smaller battles dont expect to be let down by the eye full of high quality effects models and more realistic physics that you will enjoy

Thats it for this small news edition "more updates as we get them"
n1tr0u5 aka two_tone

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