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Okay, thanks to ApornasPlanet for all his help... Now the project...

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Thank again to ApornasPlanet for all the help which he give to us. The story which he proposes and all the informations tyhat he give first will allow us to create this mod by respecting our initial objectives.

We are going to use them as base for the mod.

So, The mod will be in two part (or perhaps we will make to mods...)

First part :

The factions :


- Leader Kane
- troops : ciborg troops
- principal target : the forgotten
- generals : CABAL, Legion, ? ...


- Leader : Kane, and an other, Slavik
- troops : Furtive units on one hand, little expensive but weak of the other one
- principal target : GDI
- generals : Slavik, ...


- Leader : Boyle, Jack Granger.
- troops : heavy and ewpensive troops, wit-h lots of differents upgrades (to buy for each units, impossible to had all for the same unit)
- Principal target : NOD, Tiberium
- generals : General Mitchell (Steel Talon : high tech troops), "S" (no name for instance) (Dead Troops : no heavy vehicles, but lots of elite infantry, especialy 6 commando soldiers), General Mobius (The grandson of Dr Mobius) (the tiberium project : See lower)

The Forgotten :

- troops : low technologies units, can receive powers from tiberium
- target of CABAL.

Some information for the story :

The tiberium project

- nickname : UN-Genesis
- This project is based on old experiences, before the tiberium dawn.
These experience proved that human being, when they were exposed to low doses of radiations on a long lasting became capable of resisting in a way prolonged in an exposure of hundreds of time stronger than the normally lethal dose.
So, GDI's soldier were exposed for several month to small doses of tiberium radiations.
Now, they are able to survive fue hour , even if they are in the middle of a tiberium field.

Nobody outside GDI's officers know them, but they are probably the most dangerous of all the GDI's soldier, because were other humans are weak, they are not...



cabal could be a subfaction for NOD

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TankinatorFR Author

Yes, perhaps, but, in campain, they are independent (and will fight the other, sometimes)

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awesome! I'm so honored! :D
I really wish I could help more with this project. if I get more time later on I could do some mapping for you.

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TankinatorFR Author

After all that, it is the slightest things...
And, also, thank you for your proposition.

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