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Finding the right icon for your app can be a difficult process, this is how the Muti Labs team approached it.

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Finding the right icon for your game can be quite difficult. Our game is filled with a large amount of illustrations, so picking just the “right” one was a hard decision for the team. We wanted to make sure to show our very best side in keeping with the dystopian theme of our game. And of course, we want our audience to be drawn in enough to download and play!

Our first icon featured Longtooth, one of our most prominently featured champions, whom you can use right from the start of the game. The background color didn't quite portray the right mood for our game, so we ended up adjusting it to a darker, more somber-toned gradient.

Original icon

Shortly after that, we came to the conclusion that we should try out a variety of characters from Days of Discord.

Each of the main champions has their own theme, but we thought that Cameron might appear too dark or that his weapon might mislead players into thinking our game is a shooter.

Crackjaw, Grimalkin, and Masked Chapo could potentially give a more light-hearted Fantasy/RPG vibe, but perhaps too light-hearted for us. We tried to cover different bases for this test. More action shots of the characters, or dark and light variants were tested out.

Alternative icon options

In the end, we created multiple versions and watched the click and download
stats over the course of a week versus the original Days icon for comparison.

Icon alternatives used for testing

To our surprise, the dark-themed Cameron alternative has been the most popular!

Once we settled on Cameron, we tweaked the image a little, brightening up his skin to showcase more grit and details. We also adjusted his pose to create an even more dynamic action shot.

Final version

We hope to share more of our progress and notes as Days of Discord grows, so please look forward to that and let us know what you think about our new icon!

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