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Steam Next Fest has just started so you can play the demo of our The End of the sun for FREE! 

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Hi guys!

Steam Next Festival just started!

Enjoy The End of The Sun Demo and other awesome demos on Steam!

Play the demo HERE!

The mythical place with the "Tree of life" in the middle that you can see below is one of the locations in The End of the Sun. :) We spend a lot of time designing its look and multi-layer meaning. You could try out the demo and explore it on Your own.


If you like our demo, don't forget to add The End of the Sun to your Wishlist on Steam! HERE

Developer Live Stream

During the festival, we will live-stream the demo and talk about the development process, our inspirations and the technology behind it. :)
We will start the first live stream Tomorrow (7 February) at 7 pm CET. You could set up a reminder Here.
P.S We are not native English speakers so we hope you will forgive us our language mistakes during the live stream :)



Catch some new screenshots from the demo!


5FullHD 1



Guest - - 698,846 comments

I tried the demo. Game up after a while, because the keyboard/mouse can't be remapped. I find it too awkward having to use WSAD (in particular W for forward). I prefer to repurpose the right mouse button for that. But hopefully, they will instigate remapping as they make progress.

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Kondiq - - 5 comments

I mean, 99% of people use WSAD or a controller. For such a niche game, it would fix controls for a few people. When you consider such features, you need to look at that from the developers' perspective. They focus on what affects most people. Additional stuff for walking simulators/puzzle games may come later after key features are complete. Remapping keys is usually pretty easy to add, unless they hardcoded it and I see that they use Unity, so they easily could (I remember my first projects) :)

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