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Big changes will be made soon so things are gonna get a bit interesting.

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Hi everyone. Here is a long awaited update for you all. Sooooo I might as well have ADD (I don't). There are gonna be some big changes around here that I would like you all to know about. Please read through the following wall of text.

So the free Metroid Incursion game is now dead and burried. It was a lovely quiet funeral in the back of my mind. What does this mean? Well it means that Metroid Incursion is dead and from the ashes "Incursion" has risen. Incursion will be an independent game for unreal 3 engine for pc and idevices. The latter being much later along. So here are all the things to be changed.
-Name change to "Incursion"
-No Metroid/Stargate
-All original ideas and an actual story (Multi player is still planned)
-This will be a paid game eventually. (Betas will be free and there will be many)
-I can add zombies because zombies make everything better (This may or may not be a joke).
-Non copy right related such as Asylum tank will be kept so not everything changed
-I will be more dedicated to updates as original idea means easier to model from imagination rather than scale copies of Nintendo's work.
-Hopefully more people will help now...

So that is it for a while. Things will be a little quiet around here for a bit until all changes are made. Expect more updates in the Summer as I will work hardest then. So no more Metroid and new ideas. This opens up new options for the community. So if you are interested in helping send any story concepts, concept are, ideas, or apply to help me to Hope to hear from you and expect a basic story premise soon.

Shadowmetroid - - 393 comments

Interesting. It'll be cool to see what you come up with. Still watching. :D

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SG1Shadow Author
SG1Shadow - - 597 comments

Thanks for your support.

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