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This update contains plans to pivot Vultures to an educational "serious game". AS we started from a game dev direction, we will maintain that as a core pillar, and not make a conventional educational product.

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So, I was stumbling around on the internet a few months ago, in search of funding sources. I found a grant program from the US Department Of Education, that we may fit under called the small business innovation research program (SBIR).

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We believe the Vultures franchise has a lot of potential merit in this space, for a few reasons.

  1. It can teach industry knowledge on manufacturing.
  2. It can teach how to navigate the stock market, in a simulated environment.
  3. It can teach basic fundamentals of business.
  4. It can teach history of our world.

There is more, however we feel implementing Vultures in the k-12 academic context will allow students of today and tomorrow to learn fundamental principles and skills of economy in a form factor that is more enjoyable than current conventional educational contexts.

We didn’t originally intend on Vultures being an educational game, but we are certainly willing to explore the possibility. We also originally intended on a conventional Steam release, but if we are able to obtain the grant, that may not be a viable and practical option.

Thank you to all of our supporters, we have had a bit of a rough transition since I needed to make the difficult decision of canceling Project X (our 1st indie tib sec attempt) and an SCP horror game called Aether Mall, back in December 2021. Due to those cancelations, we have had leadership and personnel transitions, that continue to shape who we are today.

We wish them the best, and hope our paths cross again in the future.

We are actively looking for new leadership to help guide us through the challenges ahead, but we are being careful as to who we choose, as the product is always a product of the team.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding, the best is yet to come.

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If you’re an educator, we would greatly value your feedback as to how we can tailor our product to help meet the educational needs you face on the ground level.

Also, if yall the community can tell us which industries you’d be most interested in seeing production for, we can see what we can do.

Time is the most valuable resource, thank you for yours,

-Eric Chou (GeneralJist)

Founder & CEO

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