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As from now i am halting all development on this mod. Due to the fact that progress is slow and also that i have found a more orginonal bsg mod idea which i will be starting on soon. So although this will never be released, do not fear because a better one is being started soon :)
The mod that i am starting will be called, Battlestar Galactica, revenge of the colonies. The backstory of this mod is that during the first cylon war the 12 colonies lost and were driven to a distant nebula cluster. In this nebula was a fleet of damaged colonial ships, although scarred by war these ships were fully combat effective. The cylon fleet is also crippled after thier victory and they are currently fielding a fleet of battle scarred ships. I will code the game so that once at a certain tech level you can buy new upgraded ships along with still getting damaged ones. Like i said this mod is based on the 1str colonial war, but i may include a pegasus and a new cylon basestar as hero ships.



ohh man this sukes, but good luck we your new mod anyway :)

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