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Deep, complex, and emotional. The sound of The Hands Resit Him.

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While some may not want to spend the time at the detail and depth of sound, I want to achieve something great in this department. Sound is the most important element in any media. For games, it is the one true thing to relay immerses the player into your world. How much depth will this mod have in terms of sound?

Nature of Sound:

Stand outside. What do you hear? The birds chirping. The wind gazing its path. Maybe some city ambiance? Dogs barking at the neighbors yard? But listen again. You do not hear the same sound over and over. In music terms, this is called Round Ribbon. It is the same type of sound from its source, but its a "different" sound.

Travel a few blocks down from your house. And you return to your home. The birds are not chirping again from there tree. They have slept.

Music Instruments of Sound:

A piano is one of the most beautiful pieces of instruments ever invented by mankind. So emotional and pure. Awhile ago, I made the first full 88 key interactive piano. I must say, it was only the start of what I could achieve in terms of scripting. I forgot the most important element, room ambiance.

In the castle great hall, there will be the grand piano from Amnesia Machine for Pigs. But what is different when you stoke a key? Room size. The amount of re-verb depends on the room size. This alone create an immersive room feeling to the player.

Can I go a step further in depth? What if I click to trigger the damp pedal? A script will trigger and replace all 88 keys to their "damped sound", but still retain its reverberation.

Again can I go further? Go to the master bedroom in the castle, with the upright piano sitting by the window. The room size is clearly much smaller, thus resulting in a totally new piano sound, and re-verb. With the same pedal triggers effecting the piano sound as well.

Score of Sound:

While I would take the easy route for the score, I would rather want the score to be more dynamic that the traditional game soundtrack. In almost every game, they would have one main theme track play though out a level. But having verity of elements of the track play based on what the player has done creates more replay ability. For example.

What if you made a bad choice? Taken a certain path first than the other? To even reading a memo first than the other one that is available? We all make choices. Every single detailed choice will effect what elements and arrangement will be presented on the level's music track.

Maybe the flute elements wont be presented if you made that one choice. Or maybe the arrangement of that track will be different than before.

Other elements of music will include a special surrounding area of music playing based on an importance of some object or area. Fading out as you get farther. Again, all of the above elements are included in this element. I will also use this as puzzle elements as well.

This is the amount of depth of sound design that you all can look forward too.

I will create a short video examples of all of these elements playing together as soon as I can.

Update: My laptop is too weak to even run Amnesia smoothly on the lowest settings. Guess I'll half to wait until I get my new PC.


Yes this is essential. I can't imagine Amnesia without ambiance that draws you in, without simply relying on the same stock music or complete silence. Its way better to add your own subtleties as we progress so that its never just a running loop from start to finish of what we've heard before.

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Great! Can't wait for the sample videos.

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