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"The Cursed" is a very unique FREE realtime-strategy game based on the Spring engine (Windows & Linux). The game is about bones, undead, demons, space marines and magic settled in a futuristic environment. It is a fresh mixture of gameplay elements from many popular RTS games.

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Here is the new version of "The Cursed". It solves many balance issues and a bunch of other things. Please check the "new" balance of tier 1 units. There are many changes addressing early game-play. Especially gunners, marines, ghouls, pyros and bunkers are balanced differently now. For everything else please check the change log.
If you liked Starcraft and Total Annihilation you will love this game! It is completely free!
Go get it while it is hot!

Major changes 1.11 => 1.12

Clean-ups & updates:

  • removed duplicated jumping gadget for cob and lua animation files
  • updated LuaUI widgets to the lastest Zero-K versions
  • added working "defense range" and "ghosted buildings" widgets


  • pyros do area damage as intended now
  • fixed movement class (water depth) for imperial infantry
  • removed radar dots for critters
  • imperial builderoids can be transported and loaded into bunkers now (they can't shoot in bunkers but they will repair them from inside)
  • imperial priests do not take damage anymore when garrisoned in bunkers
  • pieces of some units were visible in transports and bunkers
  • fixed the description for the imperial plasma tower
  • reclaimed imperial buildings don't keep providing prerequisites anymore


  • rebalanced marines, pyros, gunners and ghouls
  • no units can shoot through allied units anymore (except the cursed skeletal mages)
  • bunkers are much cheaper now (costs: 300)
  • imperial factories and cursed hearts of darkness are 25% cheaper now => cheaper tier 2
  • higher bullet speed for the cursed defender makes it more effective against air targets
  • imperial priests are able to see cloaked and burrowed units now ("sensing evil")
  • imperial priests can not attack anymore
  • imperial builderoids can shoot at underwater targets now
  • imperial scout aircrafts are much stronger and more expensive now (new role: light gunship)
  • imperial AA-towers have a slightly higher reload time
  • imperial interceptors do 10% damage against ground targets (like cursed blades)


  • new sounds (by kurt - and attack animations for the paladin
  • new sound effects for some weapons
  • corpses stay twice as long on the battlefield now
  • added additional classes of radar dots
  • added a normal mapping shader and normal maps for some bigger units and buildings
  • the imperial laser tower became a beam-laser tower


  • added spacey music by LordClemi (Stars Synth Gamez & Stars Synth Play), POL (Android after dinner), Denny Schneidemesser ("Awakening the warrior within") and ("Battle march")


  • removed all skirmish AIs except Shard

Ooooh. Looks fun. Simple, but fun.

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Simple is the way to go. That way you can focus on the important stuff.


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azaremoth Author

Simple makes it easy for new players to learn the game. =) You can take a closer look on the special abities of some units (like auras, jumping cloaking, necromancy,...)- this adds some additional depth to the gameplay.

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