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The current face slam! Fix for Hammer Editor bug: black viewports MY ASS!! :(

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Well well...looks like I found a solution to the problem ...And theeeeeeeen!...suddenly a new

problem happened...The solution was to copy all the dll files from orangebox folder and overwrite all the .dll files in:

[Source Engine 2007] folder and

[Source Engine 2006] folder.

A new problem was then become accessible...My mod engine version

almost not working and I could not import my new textures as before:(

So I hope Valve is fixing this mess they have made...MOD status for the time being ON HOLD

You can not escape it.

A typical side effect :0

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YEP sucks like hell, all black screens now, but launcher just worked fine.
Seems like Valve is famous for breaking things while trying to make other things better :)

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TheDarkSecret Author
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Yeh :/
So you also experiencing this black screen problems now ??
Because I thought that there was missing some files in \sourcesdk\bin\ep1\bin directory.

Oh! Yes, by the way...I will write a tutorial about fences, when this blackscreen problem is fixed :D

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Thanks about the fences, it seems they are transparent anyway :) but any tutorials on mapping or scripting certain events are always welcome :).

Though Hammer is still all black screens for me too :( seems we will have to wait since i am not going to mess with inside folders.
I thought to just use this mapping as a hobby, bye bye hobby :(

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