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New song, new monster, new buildable walls, easier baking, and much more!

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The Creation Update (Alpha 0.19)


-The Monster From The Deep (you'll see)
-Meat Pies (Nearly pure muscle gain, hard to get)
-Shears (use on sheep... be careful)
-Made wool actually obtainable (no use yet)
-King's outfit (boosts brain +15)
-Wood housing walls (ground below is wood, blends with wood flooring)
-Craft # amount
-Foraging skill actually does more (more stone, more fruit, etc)
-Friendly fire toggle actually works now
-New song (Night 2)
-Zoom for minimap
-Attack animations
-New particle system with velocity and gravity
-"Exile Villager" option for Chiefs

-"/online" now says how many are online, not who
-Rabbits no longer attack
-Encrypted passwords send are now sent over the network
-Dough requires 3 wheat, not 10
-Wood walls = Wood palisade
-Wood door = Wood gate
-Stone walls = Stone palisade
-Stone door = Stone gate
-Foragable gems look like gem rocks now, not the standard dropped item
-Touched up tileset
-Sprites more touched up
-More fish nodes
-Made emeralds less rare, while making rubies more rare
-Made animals more rare
-Attack radius now does expanding animation


-Client updates no longer crash your client
-Server messages are broadcasted in Global
-Developers' chats are yellow
-Running lag
-Security vulnerabilities
-Disconnection screen
-High bandwidth reduced by a lot
-Action bar timing isn't off
-Weird object reappearance bug

Join the community and play the demo!

johnlier - - 46 comments

Very nice.

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BradyInstead Author
BradyInstead - - 122 comments


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Manuel_Martins - - 22 comments

The demo is very nice :D

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BradyInstead Author
BradyInstead - - 122 comments

Thank you!

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