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The Convenience Update v0.82 is out! This update is all about giving players more options to handle problems. New vehicles, ATMs, and Vending Machines.

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It’s been a few weeks of tracking down bugs, adding new features, and testing, but The Convenience Update v0.82 is finally here! This update is all about giving players more options to handle problems they may face. So this update tackles, head-on, some annoyances that have been in the game from the beginning. With these changes in place, you’ll surely encounter less pain points during gameplay, and find many convenient changes.


First thing you’ll notice is the availability of vending machines around the map. Hunger no more! There are 4 usable machines you’ll find that offer an easy way to boost your stats. However, there are no map markers for these yet, so you’ll have to do some exploring to find them all. Another addition are the consume animations/sounds that play for you and nearby players when you eat, drink, or even take drugs.


The machines offer smaller snacks to choose from. But best of all, you can hover over the items to see what stats they’ll boost. So you can pick the items that will best suit your current hunger, thirst and energy levels. These aren’t full meals but they should hold you over until you can reach a restaurant and get more than just a bite to eat. Also now drugs will cure your addiction levels without hurting your addiction decay rate. The only downside is the … well, the vision impairment.


Also, you’ll find ATMs located across the city of Eden. If you need some quick cash, it should be short jaunt to the nearest machine for a speedy withdrawal. Remember these locations as they, again, aren’t marked on your map. Some servers do allow the /ATM command, but for roleplay purposes, better stick to the machines :)


An ATM is appropriately placed within the bank as well. Common sense prevails! Remember that cash kept in your bank account is kept no matter if you’re killed or imprisoned. So be sure to deposit quickly and deposit often.


Also, a couple new vehicles made the cut into this release. These are larger utility vehicles, the first one being a Hotdog Truck. That actually sells hotdogs! It’s minimal right now and the driver doesn’t get a cut of profits yet but this is a first step towards player-run shops. It just offers an easy go-to food source if you or your gang is based in a hard to reach location that may be scarce on sustenance.


Also, a famous RV from a popular series makes it into this update. Can’t cook meth in this vehicle yet but maybe in the future. This robust transport has the ability to seat four (with shooting arcs available to the sides and rear). All that and its armor does make a good heist vehicle. So get your crew together and see if you can make bank in Eden!

P.S. You can also use the F key now to do the default action on highlighted items, no more endless mousewheeling. Check out the full changelog below, and see you in-game!

Download Here

Linux Server and Tools

Convenience Update Change Log

Added new vehicles: Usable Hotdog Truck and RV
Added Default Action key (F) when looking at targets
Added simple consume animation when eating/drinking
Synced Consume animation/sound with local players
Added various sodas and snack items
Added 4 vending machines around map
Added 4 ATMs around map
Moved Bank ATM to interior
Added physics during Aim Down Sights
Fixed some ironsight animation blending bugs
Display stats for food/drinks/drugs in inventory tooltips
Display armor level in inventory tooltips
Changed drug processors to Furniture type and added colliders
Fixed occasional server error when growing drugs in apartments
Fixed potential server crash during simualtaneous apartment creation/destruction
Fixed mirror textures on police car/taxis
Fixed colliders and light alignment on taxis
Fixed fence alignment around the map
Fixed settings menu options spacing
Re-organized and separated SvAddCrime and ShDie functions for easier modding
Players/weapon models in tanks no longer rendered
Reduced server packet spam for stats updates
Addiction rate is now constant until further development
Can trade with bosses again
Ragdoll physics tweaks/optimizations
Tweaked drug dealer loadout
Stopped SpecOps AI targeting low wanted level players
Tweaked Mac10 and MP5SD sight alignment
Higher decal/debris limits
Bullet trail tweaks
Fixed players stuck in position after ragdoll recovery
Adjusted sprint animation arm position
Reduced handcuff audio volume/distance
Roof raised on police cars and taxis to better fit players
Scaled chairs and couches larger and suitable for seating in future updates
Tweaked some hat meshes to protrude less
More areas accessible by AI navmesh
Fixed blood splats not working after a while
Fixed wheel physics causing crazy acceleration
Vehicles without a driver have a parking brake set
Vehicles suspensions tweaked for stability and fewer flip-overs
Handle case when server start fails in offline mode
Reduced vehicle headlight flickering
Update to Unity Engine 2018.2


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