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A list of features included in the Conquerors of Coultchorn Beta.

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Included in Beta 1.0:

New weapons and armor: Included in the mod are hundreds of new weapons, armors, horses, and trade goods.

New campaign map: Based on Kazzan's fantasy map open source project, Coultchorn offers a new map larger than Native's spanning nearly the whole of the war-torn continent.

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New mercenaries: From natives of Coultchorn fighting for personal glory or foreign assassins looking for riches, you will encounter a wide variety of new mercenary types in the taverns of Coultchorn. One rare occasions, you may encounter a mercenary recruiter who will lease the services of superior hired blades to aid your cause.

Recruit nobles from towns: Each faction now has a new troop tree separate from their default village recruitment line. Nobles can be found and hired in villages for a high sum, but upgrade into some of the most deadly combatants you can possibly field.

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New unique scenes: From the salt mine Abydos to the island settlement of Wolf's Tooth, there are currently 2 and a half new encounters that are home to slavers, merchants, enchanters, and more!

Invading armies: Like crows descending upon the ravaged continent, nations from around the world will invade for the chance of plundering the vulnerable Coultchorn. Some of these invading parties are led by heroes from overseas. Capturing them will provide you with riches untold!

Priceless gemstones: Taken from the families of captured invading heroes are the priceless Seadragon Crystals, a divine currency used to purchase some of the most exotic services available to the player.

New unique questlines: Very much a work in progress! Currently there is one quest to be had in the mountain stronghold of Mythshade. A worried commander of the guard tasks you with destroying marauding occultists in the quest "Upon Mammon".

Travel the seas!: Royal traders will traverse the treacherous White Sea to deliver their payload. At any seashore town, you can purchase a ship to set sail and circumvent Coultchorn's rugged landscape. Traveling by ship present a new series of threats, however! Evade pirates and Ravakain war galleys as you sail the high seas!


Will the invading factions try to besiege cities and conquer the map like in A New Dawn?

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quando sai to loco pra jogar

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