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Just letting you know that little by little, the game is making progress.

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So i've started working on how weapons are handled in Armory.

I plan to use the "Single Primary Weapon" setup, meaning you can only have one weapon of each type at a time, though i have to expand upon Valve's work to make this work with secondary weapons as well. I need to incorporate a more advanced input system to allow things like holding a key or double tapping. Both of these should get knocked out pretty quick.

Then after that i need to code up some weapons (the HK416 is done, just need to fix the model and skin it). Once thats all done and working i'll figure out where to go from there, i'll probably start working on weapon varients and an aim feature for optics.

Once thats all good i think its just content creation from then on, but we'll see what we need as we come to it.

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