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While Christmas approach, I take some relapse time from work to push out this little title. A lot of stuff happens at the end, when the ground work is done, and you can now follow the development live!

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I am battling the last addition, the final touches and many last bugs. In general this should now soon be a playable indie game. Calculating the length of the game it might go all the way to 15 hrs. However, you have the ability to rush through it and speed up the time as you please. Or, you can make it longer by spending more time in areas and moments where in-game-time stands still.

Some new additions are the possibility to purchase foods and add ons from locals, as well as work part time for them to earn some spare coins. I also believe it has become a tad harder to survive and make it through the night. Some little aesthethic adjustments are being done as we speak, mostly inside buildings and stores. And best of all, you can follow my progress live until release date on

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